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Violet pulls my shirt over my head.

“God, you’re the sexiest man alive. I have a folder of pictures of you on my laptop. Is that weird? I always pick the hottest ones so I can jill off to your pretty face. The milk ad gets me every time. I still want a life size copy of that one. It’s not the same as when I’m with you, obviously. Nothing compares to you and the monster cock. He’s in a league all his own.” Violet rubs my dick through my pants.

“We have to be quiet, okay?” I whisper. She’s being awfully loud.

“Oh, right. We don’t want your mommy to hear.” She presses a finger to her lips. “I can be quiet. I promise.”

“Good girl.”

Inhibitions muted by alcohol, Violet strips off her top and tosses her bra on the floor. Her jeans go next, but the underwear stay on. She pops open the button on my pants and pulls them down to my knees. I step out of them, watching as her hands move up my thighs. Her lips part and she wets her bottom lip. The way she practically worships my cock is the best fucking ego boost in the world.

“Hi there.” She gives him a pat. She’s been grazing my dick all night; I’m so hard it hurts.

I hold my breath and fist my hands at my side as she leans in and kisses the tip. Violet looks up at me as she circles the head with her tongue. “So much cock.” She parts her lips and engulfs the head with her soft, warm mouth.

She begins to stroke and suck in earnest. I’d like to say I last a long time, but Violet keeps moaning—very quietly—and I keep watching. Too soon, I issue a warning. She releases me from the hot suction of her mouth, and I groan a whole lot louder than I should as I come on her chest.

Violet looks down. “Huh. That wasn’t nearly as gross as I thought it was going to be. It’s almost like a porno, right?”

I’d be interested to hear more about the porn she watches and if she’d watch some with me. “You’re the best girlfriend ever.”

Violet wears a shit-eating grin as I wipe up the mess with a handful of tissues.

“Do I get a trophy for that?”

“How about an orgasm instead?” I follow as she lies back on the bed and straddle her hips.

“That’s a decent consolation prize.”

“I’ve been waiting all night to get my hands and my mouth on you. I doubt I’ll be stopping at one.”

I bend to kiss her shoulder, skimming her sides with my fingers. “I’m going to make you feel so good,” I whisper.

Violet’s cry is stifled by my neck, which she’s biting. I flick my thumb over her nipple. She makes another noise, louder this time.

“Shh, baby.” I cover her mouth with mine.

“Sorry,” she says after I pull back. “I’ll be quiet.”

“That’s my girl.” I kiss my way from her chin to the valley between her breasts, avoiding her nipples. She arches her back, seeking some kind of relief.

Flicking my tongue over her nipple, I exhale and watch it tighten.

This time Violet muffles a curse. I won’t admit she can probably be as loud as she wants. My parents’ room is on the floor below us at the other end of the hall. It’s unlikely they’ll hear anything. On the off chance Violet gets a little too exuberant I keep that information to myself. We’ve had enough shit go down this weekend.

Still, I’m not being very nice by keeping her legs pinned together. Usually when I’m getting in some boob time, she has the opportunity to grind all over me. Not so right now. She can’t get off without the friction I’m denying.

When her moans turn desperate, I kiss my way down her stomach and part her legs.

“Please, Alex. I just want to come.”

I blow across her clit, and she groans. She clamps a hand over her mouth.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Don’t stop. Please,” she mumbles from behind her palm.

I’m about ready to be inside her, but she deserves a little torture for the hours of hard-ons I’ve endured this evening. I kiss the skin right above her clit.

She holds onto my hair tightly with her other hand. “Your mouth is made of magic.”

I keep her legs pinned, moving my hands higher, until my thumbs are perilously close to her “freak out” zone. It’s purposeful. Her whole body jerks with the contact. I do it again. Violet moans, loudly.

I stop. As mean as it is, I want her worked up. The more I tease her, the more intense her orgasm should be. The wetter she is, the longer I’ll be able to go. It’s a win-win for both of us.

“What are you doing?” she exclaims in a furious whisper.

“You’re having an awfully hard time being quiet . . .” I edge my thumbs in.

She’s so close to an orgasm she must not notice or care. She lifts her hips, pressing my face into her pussy. I don’t even get to use my fingers before she comes.

Her body shakes with the restraint required to stay silent.

I leave a path of wet kisses from her stomach to her mouth, settling between her thighs. She stills, her eyes fluttering as I press forward. I stay close and move slowly until it isn’t enough for either of us. Grabbing her ass with one hand, I go harder, faster, deeper. Hovering above her, I’m ready to swallow up the sounds I know she won’t be able to hold back.

Violet stiffens as I readjust my grip, and I accidentally graze her “access denied” area.

She digs her nails into my skin and bites my shoulder to muffle her moan. Her pussy clenches so tightly, it’s like my dick is being held in the warmest velvety vice on earth. So, of course, I come like a fucking bulldozer.

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