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“She won’t.” She better not. I put my hand on Violet’s leg and give her thigh a squeeze. “There’s something you should probably know.”

“Please don’t tell me you had gender reassignment surgery. I don’t think I can manage that today.”


“Sorry.” She crosses and uncrosses her legs. “You sound serious. It’s making me nervous.”

I try not to laugh. “I assure you, all my parts are my own.”

“That’s a relief; otherwise you would’ve had the biggest vagina in the world as a woman.”

I laugh because, honestly, the shit that goes through her head sometimes baffles me.

“You’d probably win the Guinness world record for that.” She sinks into her seat and puts her hand over mine. “You wanted to tell me something.”

“Just a heads-up. I was kinda dorky as a kid.”

“I have a degree in accounting and finance. The nerd award belongs to me.” She gives me the side eye. “I really can’t imagine you looking dorky.”

If my mother brings out more photographs like the one she used as a shield earlier today, Violet will know exactly what I’m talking about.

“The guys you’re going to meet tonight are more chess club than hockey player.”

“Like Jimmy and Dean from work?”


“The guys you met the day you locked me in the conference room.”

She makes it sound so bad. “Oh. Yeah. Like those guys.”

It only takes a few minutes to make the trip downtown, and I manage to find a spot close to the pub. Reid and Dave have already secured a table and ordered a pitcher of beer. We slap each other on the back, and I introduce them to Violet.

Dave wraps her up in a wiry hug. “It’s great to finally meet you. Alex hasn’t shut up about you for the past few weeks.”

“Oh, really?” Violet gives me a questioning look. “What kind of things has he said?”

“That’s under the cone, bro,” I reply.

“Don’t worry. He’ll have to go to the bathroom at some point. You can tell me everything then,” Violet stage-whispers.

Reid laughs. “I like her already.”

I pull Violet into my side and kiss her temple. “See? I told you.”

We settle into the booth, and Dave and Reid cheerfully throw me under the bus, regaling Violet with embarrassing stories of my youth. I was not a cool kid.

We’re already through dinner and on our second pitcher of beer when Violet excuses herself to use the bathroom. I let her out of the booth and watch her ass as she navigates her way through the crowd. There’s a little weave in her step. She’s small; the beer hits her hard.

“You must really like this one,” Reid says.

I keep my eyes on the table. “Things are casual for now.”

Dave scoffs. “Cut the bullshit. You tell me the last time you brought a girl home for the weekend to meet the parents.”

“Or us,” Reid adds.

“She’s fun to be around.”

Dave pours what’s left of the pitcher into Reid’s glass. “Come on, Alex. It’s gotta be more than that. What’s the deal?”

I’m still uncomfortable with the conversation I had with Dick earlier. “My agent wants me to keep our relationship on the down low until we’re closer to playoffs.”

“Why would you do that?” Reid asks.

“I could make the short list for Bachelor of the Year. He thinks it’ll look better if I appear available.”

“That’s gonna be a challenge after this weekend, don’t you think?”

“That’s what I said.” While I don’t give a shit about the title, the potential endorsement is hard to turn down. “Plus Dick thinks it will set me up for the Sports Pro campaign. It could open the door for more opportunities.”

“Sports Pro? That’s huge, man. I hope that happens for you.” Reid leans across the table and lowers his voice. “What’s the deal with the locker room story, anyway? The rumors are crazy. Was it for publicity or something?”

I shake my head. “It wasn’t a stunt if that’s what you mean. I’m just glad the media reports are vague.”

None of us realize Violet’s returned until she slaps Reid on the back.

“It would’ve been awesome if we hadn’t gotten caught by the rest of the team. Sorry I came back before Alex could give you details.” She slides into the booth beside me.

Reid rubs the back of his neck. “I’m sorry. It’s not really my business.”

“Whatever. I’d totally want to know if it was my friend. I’m having a girl’s night with my bestie next week to share the details. We’re way worse than you guys.” She looks to me. “Unless you want me to keep them to myself.”

I’m glad she’s not more freaked out. Although the beers may have something to do with her lack of concern. I know the media attention gets to her. “The locker room story is fair game.”

She spends the rest of the night with her hand on my thigh, grazing my hard-on every once in a while to torture me. By the time we leave the pub, Violet is tipsy and my balls ache.

Once we get back to my parents’, it’s a feat getting Violet to my room without waking the whole house. All she wants to do is make out; in the hallway, on the stairs, in front of my parents’ room, in front of my room. Once we’re inside, I lock the door.

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