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I’m a porno-moaning mess, writhing underneath him when he finally circles my left nipple with the tip of his nose.

“Does that feel good?” I can feel Alex smiling against my boob.

I bite my tongue to stop from begging him to just lick already. He’ll give in sooner or later. There’s one way to make it happen. I snake my hand down to the waistband of his pants, wrestle with his belt, and pop the button. There’s no messing around. I shove my hand inside and palm the MC. Alex makes a low noise in his throat.

A moment later I feel the heavenly wet press of his lips followed by gentle suction.

I squeeze encouragingly, not that he needs any encouragement once he gets started.

While he devotes attention to my upper half, I push his pants over his hips and line up our lower halves. Even with my panties in the way, I’m still able to get some friction.

“God, I want to fuck your tits.”

It’s almost a growl. I stop moving.

With his mouth still on my boob, he looks up and mumbles, “Oh shit, did I say that out loud?”

Based on all the boob lovin’, it’s not like it’s a surprise he wants to slide his dick between them. What is surprising is how appealing the idea is.

“You can if you want to.” I offer a tentative smile.

Alex gapes at me. “What?”

“You can . . . fuck my tits.” It sounds dirty. I like it.

He scrambles up onto his knees. “Are you sure?”

Biting my lip, I squeeze my boobs together in invitation.

I’ve never seen anyone undress so quickly. Alex is naked before I can blink. He straddles my torso, gripping his giant cock. Oh God, it’s leaking. He rubs his thumb over the tip and strokes down the shaft as he stares at my boobs. His fiery eyes flip up to mine. “Is this okay? We don’t have to be in this position.”

He’s so sexy like this—hard cock in his hand, looming over me, waiting for me to give him the go-ahead. I shimmy up the bed, rearranging the pillows so I’m mostly upright. Wrapping my fingers around his, I lick the head.

A soft curse falls from his lips. He roots around in the nightstand, producing a bottle of lube. At my frown he’s quick to offer an explanation. “My hands are rough. This makes it better. Plus, I’d hoped you’d be coming to see me, and I figured it’d be good to be prepared in case we have lots of sex.”

“You’re like the Boy Scout of sex, aren’t you?”

I take the bottle from him, squirt a generous amount into my palm, massage it over my chest, and then stroke down his length. Guiding him between my breasts, I squeeze them together. Alex’s mouth drops open as he grabs onto the headboard and shifts his hips. The view is pretty incredible from where I am.

After a few minutes, he abandons the headboard and takes over holding my boobs together. He pinches my nipples as he quickens the pace. I grab onto his rock-solid ass, helping out where I can. When he’s close to coming—he’s kind enough to warn me—I push his hands away, grab his cock, and wrap my lips around the head.

“Sweet fucking—” He doesn’t finish the sentence. Instead he groans as he comes.

I mentally pat myself on the back for taking one for the team. I’d rather swallow than have his jizz cooling on my chest.

“You didn’t have to do that,” he says breathlessly.

“I can always use the vitamins.”

Cradling my face in his hands, Alex kisses me. “I love this mouth.”

He moves down my body, dropping kisses as he makes his way to the land of Beave. Then he shows me with his mouth how much he appreciates the boob lovin’.

I’m all for spending the rest of the weekend in bed if this is how things are going to go. Here’s hoping Buck hasn’t coerced Sunny into the same kind of position, otherwise things are about to get messy.


As much as I would like to say Alex and I spend the rest of the weekend having wild monkey sex, this isn’t entirely true. Friday morning we check out of the hotel and take a cab across the city to his condo, where his parents stayed last night.

The one-thousand square foot, two-bedroom unit is on the top floor of a high-rise, overlooking the Toronto Harbour. The space is furnished for functionality, and the master bedroom boasts a stunning view of the city, including the CN Tower.

A note from his mother sits on the dining room table, thanking him for letting them use the condo. Alex sends his sister another text as he shows me around the space, possibly checking for signs of her presence, as well. Fortunately, this time he receives an almost immediate response telling him she’s home in Guelph. Sunny loves emoticons. Her texts are more pictures than words. I’m relieved because he’s no longer worried about the Buck situation and far more focused on me.

We spend the majority of Friday afternoon dodging cameras and ducking into funky little shops on Queen Street. Every time I express excitement over something, Alex buys it. It’s as excessive as it is charming. I have no choice but to accept his forced giftery, otherwise he feigns hurt feelings.

I thank him later for all his presents by staying naked for the entire evening. Mostly I end up under him, not that I’m complaining.

On Saturday morning, we have shower sex, pack our bags, and leave the condo. Alex’s mother invited us for brunch, and he couldn’t say no. Alex loads everything into the back of a sporty SUV. The man loves his vehicles. He has two in Toronto; a Mercedes for the summer and the SUV for winter.

I’m nervous about spending time with his family. Eating a meal in their home where I’ll have to make small talk and tell them about myself is very different than meeting them at a loud bar.

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