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I grab her arm. “Where did Buck go?”

“I’m not sure. He must have left just before you showed up. He and the blonde were eye-fucking each other, so I assume they were going to get their freak on. Kind of odd, really. I didn’t think she was Buck’s type.”

“The tree hugger is Alex’s sister.”

“Really? She looks so different in real life.”

She doesn’t share my worry over this situation, so she continues with her story. “Anyway, after the game, I went with Skye and Sidney to the locker room hallway. Darren came out and gave this interview where he totally defended Alex’s position and talked about the stress of the game.” Charlene sighs.

“When we got here, I had Sidney introduce me to him. We’ve been talking ever since. He’s the sweetest man alive. He’s close to his family, he likes romantic comedies, and he has a degree in sports management. Did I mention he has all his teeth? I want to have his little hockey babies.”

I picture tiny hybrids of Charlene and Darren with skates, jerseys, and helmets.

Someone bangs on the door and asks if we’re done with our therapy session. It’s funny, even if it’s rude.

“Piss off!” Charlene yells and hikes her skirt. I turn around. We’re not so close that I want to watch her pee.

I don’t have to tell Charlene not to say anything about Buck and Sunny. She’s smart enough to understand why I wouldn’t want Alex to know they may have left together. Conjugal visits aren’t sexifying.

When we return to the table, Alex keeps checking his phone. It’s obvious he’s trying to get in touch with his sister without success. I would hate for her to get involved with Buck without knowing what kind of guy he is. I send Buck a quick text, threatening to wax his balls in his sleep if he’s planning a fuck and chuck. If he revenge bangs Alex’s sister, I’m making good on my threat.

Eventually, I persuade Alex it’s time to go to our room. He isn’t hard to convince. Charlene and Darren are completely absorbed in each other. Since we were supposed to share a room, she has ours all to herself. I’m curious whether Charlene will give it up tonight if the opportunity presents itself. As much as she talks about riding Darren until the sun comes up, she’s a traditional girl and isn’t likely to fall into bed on the first night. Although neither am I, and look what happened with Alex.

We stop at the room I’m supposed to sleep in to grab my bag and then head up to Alex’s room. I commandeer the bathroom and don my new jammies, ready for post-game celebrations.

I emerge to find Alex standing in the middle of the suite. His suit jacket is open, the top two buttons of his shirt are undone, and his tie hangs loose. He’s focused on his phone, so he doesn’t hear me clear my throat. I assume he’s still trying to track down Sunny.

“Hey.” I had hoped to use the doorjamb as a place to cop a pose. Instead, I stand in front of him with nothing to use as a prop.

Alex glances up briefly, and then looks back down as his phone buzzes. I’m on the verge of tears at his lack of response. Fortunately, he notices what I’m wearing and drops his phone on the floor.

That’s more like what I’m looking for.

He cups my boobs. I’m wearing a Hawks T-shirt and a pair of matching panties with the logo over my crotch. The same logo is stretched over my chest. I rush-ordered them as soon as I knew I was coming to the game.

He tugs at the hem of my shirt, presumably so he can have unobstructed access to my boobs.

“Wait.” I hold up a finger. “Let me show you one thing, then my boobs are all yours.”

He looks unimpressed. “It better be good.”

I turn around, pulling my hair over my shoulder. On the back, in white lettering, is the number eleven with WATERS across the shoulders. The panties read: WATERS’ ASS.

Alex runs his hands down my sides and squeezes my ass. “Are you sure this is exit only?”

“What?” I lurch away and bolt to the other side of the room as I shield my backside with my hands, protecting it from potential invasion. Alex stalks toward me.

“There is no way, Alex! It’s not an option. Access denied, access denied!” My voice is so high I sound like I’ve been inhaling helium.

Alex holds his hands up in supplication and speaks softly. “I’m just kidding, baby, I promise. Come back here and let me check out those panties again.”

I’m still wary. This isn’t the first time he’s said something about getting up in there. I’m a firm believer if he’s talking about it, he wants to do it. He’s even admitted he’s thought about it.

He almost backs me into a corner, so I sidestep him to escape. I’m not fast enough. I find myself in the air, and suddenly I’m on the bed, facedown with Alex’s body covering mine. His monster cock presses against my ass cheek.

“So help me God, Alex, I will never let you touch my boobs again!”

I mean it, too. Maybe.

The weight of his body leaves me, and I flip onto my back. He’s doing a push up over me. It’s impressive.

“I was just playing around. I like the panties.” His monster cock lines up with the right part of my body.

His kisses are soft, as if he’s apologizing for scaring my bum. After a few heavenly minutes of making out, I’m no longer worried about his desire to enter the “no go” zone.

He grips the hem of my shirt and tugs it over my head. I’m not wearing a bra, so his view is unhindered. He pushes my girls together and nuzzles into them, nibbling and kissing. He stays away from my nipples, avoiding full contact. It’s killing me.

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