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He runs a soothing hand from the outside of my knee to my hip.

His kiss is all soft lips and sweeping tongue. The thick head probes low, and Alex makes several unhurried passes until we’re both panting again. Propped up on one arm so his eyes are on me, he eases inside. I panic and tense, clamping down like Fort Knox.

“Relax, beautiful,” he whispers against my mouth. The way he says it, warm and needy, makes my whole body liquid. He goes deeper. “That’s it, Violet.”

He’s right; it feels really good. I groan.

When he pauses, I tighten my legs around his waist to urge him on.

“You weren’t kidding,” he murmurs, circling his hips but staying deep once he’s inside me.

“About what?”

“The whole extra-small thing.”

I link my fingers behind his neck. “It’s because you’re a double-XL.”

He eases back and rocks forward. We both whore-moan. “I’m glad your pussy hasn’t exploded.”

I snort-gasp-giggle. “Me, too.”

With each measured thrust, I lift to meet him. Everything turns suddenly intense as he pulls out—way, way out—and pushes in again.

As the heat and the need expand to consume me, he draws one of my legs up, changing the angle. I gasp when he hits the . . . beaver button and then choke on a laugh and end up sounding like a dying animal.

“You okay?” Alex strokes my cheek.

It’s one of the most intimate gestures I’ve ever experienced in the middle of being sexed by anyone. My previous lovers have been pretty unimpressive in comparison.

“Fantastic. Carry on.”

His relief is a warm blanket of desire as he resumes his partially finished thrust.

At my insistence he goes harder and faster. Alex has unbelievable stamina, as expected. He’s like the Energizer Bunny on crack with an amazing dick. Without the slightest bit of warning my entire body flushes. The spark ignites, bursting to flame. I grip his shoulders as I come again, ecstatic I’m getting off during sex, which never happens. Volume control gone, his name is a scream on my lips.

He bites out a dirty expletive and buries his face against my neck as he pumps erratically, chasing his release. Spent, Alex collapses on top of me.

I run my fingers through his damp hair, both of us breathing hard, our hearts beating double time. As awesome as this has been, I’m going to be sore in the morning.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to do it again.


I lie underneath Alex’s heavy body for a minute until breathing becomes difficult. “Um, Alex . . .” I say breathlessly—because I’m breathless.

“Oh, sorry! I’m crushing you, aren’t I?” He rolls gracefully to the left.

“Wow.” I luxuriate in loose muscles and full breaths. “I could use a smoke.”

Alex misunderstands my attempt at humor and turns away, reaching for the phone on the nightstand. There are red lines spanning his back from shoulders to ass. Nail marks from me.

“I can call room service and have a pack brought up. They can bring a room key, too, so you can go when you want.”

Mortification slices through my post-orgasm buzz as he dials the front desk. While I didn’t expect to spend the night with him, I didn’t think I’d be kicked out before the sweat had a chance to dry. The smokes seem like some form of payment for my services. If so, how terribly does it reflect on my performance that I only warrant a cheap pack of cigarettes that I won’t even enjoy because I’m a fake smoker.

I slip off the bed, feeling exposed as I search for my Spidey pants. Without glasses, everything more than five feet away is an indistinct blur.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Alex stands and catches my wrist. He’s naked and glorious, and I’m naked and . . . well, me, and therefore self-conscious.

“Trying to find my clothes since you’re sending a key up.” I finally spot the blue and red smudge under the black spot on the floor, which must be Alex’s pants.

When I reach for them, his hold on my wrist tightens. “What? No! You think I want you to leave? I’m not an asshole. I thought it would be easier to get a key before we pass out. I’ll set a wake-up call for you if you want to stay. I want you to stay.” He runs a hand through his sex-messed hair. If he wasn’t naked with his semisoft monster cock hanging out, he might be cute. He’s not, though; he’s gorgeous and flustered.

With no prior one-night stand experience, I can’t say what protocol is in this situation. Against my better judgment, I want to stay. In case he wants to do it again.

He takes my face in his hands; his palms are wide and warm. His lips are soft on mine when he kisses me. “Don’t go yet, Violet. Please?”


He steps closer, his cock twitching against my stomach. He can’t possibly get hard again seeing as he just came.

“So sweet.” He runs his nose across my cheek and kisses my neck. “I’d keep you here all weekend if we didn’t have to leave tomorrow.”

His hands travel up my sides to rest below the curve of my breasts. I jut my chest out like an offering and push my hips into his. I could swear his cock is harder than it was a few moments ago. With stealth maneuvers learned through endless battles on Xbox with Buck, I sneak a hand between us and pat around. Yup, I’m not crazy; he’s got another hard-on brewing.

“Did you take Viagra or something?”

Alex backs up a fraction of an inch, far enough to avoid going cross-eyed. Must have been the wrong thing to ask.

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