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Alex silences me with his mouth, and I am so, so grateful. I want to avoid saying more stupid shit, particularly to a guy I just met and am planning to have sex with.

“You know”—Alex shifts his hips forward again—“you’re pretty damn good for my ego. And the only kind of pussy explosions I’m hoping to cause are the ones associated with orgasms.” His voice travels over my skin like marshmallows drenched in hot chocolate syrup.

His palm covers mine and pries my hand away as he nudges my legs apart. “Is this okay?”

At my nod, Alex settles between my thighs. Only a thin, worn, cotton barrier in Spiderman print protects the land of Beave from invasion.

He claims my mouth again. Butter soft, his tongue tangles with mine, lazy and lulling. I let my hands wander from his shoulders and the broad expanse of his back to his rock-solid ass. I push down and lift my hips, and there it is—his monster of a cock.

I’m a panting, whimpering mess as I wrap my legs around his waist to pull him closer. I’m moderately terrified of his dimensions, but Alex distracts me with open-mouth kisses along my throat. He continues his descent to my breast.

I fist his hair and push my chest out. I’m not sure what purpose this serves. It’s not like he’ll be able to fit more boob into his mouth. He spends a few minutes loving them like they’re deluxe cheeseburgers after a night of binge drinking. All the while, I grind with him, lost in sensation and his little hums of approval.

Eventually, he releases my nipple and licks the tip. “You okay to keep going?”

At my nod, Alex eases his hand down my side, grazing the ticklish spot on the way. I giggle and twist away.

“Sorry.” He presses a kiss below my navel, sits on his heels, and my legs drop from around his waist. With his eyes on mine, he hooks his fingers into the waistband of my Spidey pants. “You’re sure you want to do this?”


There’s a moment of hesitation on his part, so I push them over my hips. He helps remove them and tosses them on the floor.

And I’m naked in front of a porno centerfold with a preternaturally large dick. So this is an inferiority complex. Interesting. I’m sure I can deal.

Alex runs his hands up my calves and kisses the sensitive spot on the inside of my knee. He glides his palms along my inner thigh and stops inches away from where I’m aching to be touched.

“Yes?” Lifting his head, he waits for permission to continue.

No is not an option. Not with his hands where they are or his polite request. I open my legs in invitation. I’m practically hyperventilating as he makes a slow pass over sensitive skin with his thumb, barely grazing my clit.

He shakes his head. “I can’t even. You’re so . . .” His eyes shift to mine. “This is for me?”

It’s like a torrential downpour south of my navel. I shrug. Giraffe-sized red blotches break out across my chest. “It would appear that way.”

He brings his thumb to his mouth and licks it. His eyes flutter closed. He turns his face into my leg, biting high up on my inner thigh and sucking hard.

Wet kisses mark a path on the inside of my thigh. Is he really going to? No way—oh yes, he is.

But not right away. Oh no, Alex is the best kind of tease. He nibbles at the juncture of my thighs, drawing out the anticipation before his mouth is finally on me. It’s been a long time since anyone has given me face-to-pussy resuscitation. I don’t remember it being anything close to this incredible.

“Jesus, you’re . . . do you like that?” His words are muffled because he’s busy licking away.

The hair gripping and hip bucking should make it clear I do, in fact, like it.

I moan a garbled God yes, Alex to ensure my pleasure sounds are taken in an affirmative context.

Hot breath caresses hotter skin as he eases a finger inside. Intense sensation builds and spirals. Heat rolls over me in a crushing wave, funneling through my limbs to the center of my body. He adds another finger and twists up and in, hitting the heavenly spot I can only get to with my fake plastic friends.

It’s an intense burn, rising higher as his fingers keep time with the soft strokes of his tongue and the intentional grazes of his teeth. I’m holding on—barely—wanting to submit to the sensation, desperate for it not to end. When he adds a third finger, my toes curl. White heat radiates across my skin.

I curse as my legs fight to close. Alex holds them open with his forearms, fingers moving faster until I’m coming, and coming, and coming some more.

He places a tiny kiss on my clit and follows a straight line up my body with his mouth, pausing at each nipple on the way until his lips meet mine.

“Was it good?”

“It was . . . I . . . you . . . awesome.” It’s as coherent as I’m going to get. I reach between us and grab his cock. “Return the favor?”

He graces me with a snort. “Yeah, I don’t think that’s the best idea right now.”

Of course it’s a good idea; you give, you receive, right? He nabs his wallet from the nightstand. He flips it open, retrieves a quartet of foil squares, and tears one free with his teeth. Seems like an awful lot of condoms. Two is smart, in case one ends up a casualty of misrolling. Maybe it happens often, so he comes extra prepared. With a quick zip, Alex rips open the foil packet and rolls on the condom.

“I’ll make you feel good. I promise.”

“Take it slow, Trigger, there’s a lot going on there.” I motion to his wrapped cock.

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