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I fight the urge to close my mouth around him and suck, but instead remain kneeling before him, my mouth open, waiting to catch his come. Seconds later, warm drops of semen spurt onto my outstretched tongue.

He watches as the last of his release lands in my waiting mouth. I swallow and sit back on my heels while he tucks himself back into his pants and pulls up the zipper. "I’d say you passed your first test." His tone is one of pleasant surprise.

Some strange part of me feels proud. I tell myself it was only because I want to make sure he doesn’t return me and request a refund. But our shared erotic experience has left me shaken and feeling vulnerable. There’s no denying that a part of me enjoyed that – enjoyed his fist tightening in my hair and hearing him voice his pleasure when he climaxed. And my damp panties and pounding heart signal that I’m not ready for the night to be over. Feelings of shame slam against me. I shouldn’t have enjoyed any part of that. God, what was wrong with me?

Drake rises from the couch and strides from the room without a backward glance, leaving me sitting alone on the carpeting.

Several moments later I hear sounds coming from a nearby room and since I know it’s just me and him in the house, I go to investigate.

I find him in the kitchen, a bottle of beer lifted to his lips and the thick column of his throat moving as he swallows long gulps of the icy liquid.

The kitchen is immaculate. My eyes wander from the elegant white and grey marbled countertops to the rich wood cabinets to the state of the art stainless steel appliances gleaming all shiny and new. A large basket sits atop the island overflowing with baguettes, heads of garlic, lemons and what I assume are pomegranates. I wonder if he likes to cook.

"You want anything to eat?" he asks, lowering the bottle, but still not turning to face me.

"No thanks." I haven’t eaten, but food is the last thing on my mind. "Maybe just some water," I answer.

He shoots me a knowing grin and my cheeks heat. Yes, I need to wash the taste of his semen from my mouth and apparently we are both thinking it. He grabs a bottle of water from the large commercial grade double door stainless steel refrigerator and twists off the cap before handing it to me.

"Thanks," I murmur, taking a long sip. I feel the cool water sink to the bottom of my empty belly. It’s refreshing and crisp. My first bit of peace since this whole evening started. I drain half of the bottle while gazing around the kitchen.

I spot a block of knives near the eight-burner gas stove and an errant thought passes through my brain. I could hurt him and escape. But why would I do that? He’s given me exactly what I wanted. Instead I finish my water in silence while he continues to watch me curiously.


This wasn’t a first date – there wasn’t an order to adhere to. There was no need to round first base and kiss her like that before she sucked my cock. She is mine to do with what I please. I could have fucked her in the ass on the kitchen table if I’d wanted. And believe me, the thought crossed my mind. When I’d watched her bend over my bike and set the helmet on the seat, I wanted to bite into her ass like an apple. Then take her plump cheeks into my hands and drive forward into the center of them, maybe smack her ass too for making me have such depraved thoughts. Instead I’d acted like a concerned boyfriend, kissing her lips and making sure she was in the right frame of mind before using her for my pleasure. And fuck, her mouth had been perfect. Warm and soft and eager to please. I guess knowing someone had just paid a small fortune for your company ensured good service.

Coming on her tongue wasn’t enough. After, I’d wanted to strip her naked and fuck her hard, ending by jerking off on her tits to mark her and show her she was mine. But there’ll be time for that later.

I want to know her story. She seems like a nice, normal girl – too nice for the sick shit I’m pulling her into. But her reasons for being here aren’t my concern. Just like my reasons for obtaining her aren’t any of hers. She doesn’t need to know my past, the only things she needs to know are that I like my cock sucked regularly, I have a healthy appetite for sex and not to disturb me when I’m working. And I need to remember she’s here for one purpose. If so, this arrangement will work out fine, and leave us both satisfied.

"Let’s go to bed, tomorrow will be a long day and you’ll need your rest."

Her skittish blue eyes dart to mine again and she nods tentatively. She wants to know when I’m going to fuck her. I guess she’ll have to wait and see.

Chapter Three


Once upstairs we pass by several doors and continue on down the long hall. When we reach the master bedroom, I grow quiet, taking it all in. The room is huge, with a king sized bed and an upholstered headboard, tables with lamps, and a chaise lounge chair in front of a gas fireplace. The décor is contemporary and simple in tones of light gray and cream with splashes of blue as accents. Everything looks brand new.

"Master bath." He points off to the side of the bedroom suite.

His one word responses and grunts ever since I’d pleasured him are grating on my nerves. Why is he acting so detached and strange? "I’m sorry if I’ve done something wrong…" I start.

Drake’s eyes lift to mine. "Get undressed, Sophie."

A gasp of breath sticks in my throat. "What?"

"You heard me."

We’re standing in the center of his bedroom with all the lights on. And his dark eyes are hungry and roaming over me. Even though I’m still fully clothed, I’ve never felt more exposed. His intense gaze holds the power to make me feel vulnerable and bare like no one has before.

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