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His smile fades and his hands go to his belt buckle, unlatching the silver clasp with a soft click and sliding it free. Seeing the thick leather belt in his hands makes me nervous. I don’t know his sexual tastes – will he want to restrain and whip me? But he drops the belt to the floor and pops open the button on his pants, then slides down the zipper, all the while keeping those intense blue eyes on mine.

My heart hammers in my chest. Holy shit. This is really going to happen. I’m going to give a blowjob to a complete stranger.

"On your knees." His voice is rough and filled with an edge of desire.

With my pulse thrumming wildly at the base of my throat, my body obeys his command, moving from the couch to the floor to kneel between his feet. Having removed his shoes, I notice his feet are long and narrow and encased in black silk socks.

Pushing his dress pants down his hips, his hand disappears under the fabric of his black boxer briefs. His stormy blue eyes hold mine while he strokes the growing bulge, as he seems to wordlessly inquire if this is okay.

What choice do I have? I can’t have him returning me. I give him an imperceptible nod. And god, the truth is, I’m curious. What is wrong with me that I want to know if his cock is as glorious as the rest of him?

Placing one palm against my cheek, he guides me closer and bends his head to mine, letting our lips touch just briefly. The gesture is unexpectedly tender. I draw a shuddering breath and part my lips, wetting them with my tongue and he presses forward again, tasting the moisture I’ve left on my bottom lip. His lips are soft and generous, and he pulls my bottom lip slightly into his mouth and sucks gently before sliding his tongue against mine.

His kiss is cautious and slow, like he’s testing me – checking for my reaction. I remain still, letting him explore, and carefully return his kiss, my tongue reaching out to lick against his.

I’d be lying if I said having his hot mouth on mine didn’t affect me. I’m warm and flustered knowing his hand remains tucked inside his boxers stroking himself while his tongue strokes mine. My entire body feels alive with energy.

Just when I’m ready for more he breaks away from the kiss, leaving my lips damp and swollen. The hand cupping my cheek moves to pull his boxers down and he lifts his cock free from the material, letting it rest against his belly. I venture a glance down.

Sacred mother of everything holy, that is one giant cock.

It reaches all the way to his belly button, and is as thick as my arm. I can’t possibly be expected to fit that in my mouth. Suddenly his fears about me biting him seem a very real possibility. I’ll need to unhinge my jaw to accommodate that thing. He remains still, letting me take my fill. I open my mouth to protest, but his hand moves to the back of my neck, guiding me closer.

"Come here, Sophie," he breathes my name, the sound of it on his lips both foreign and enticing. The warm weight of his palm on my nape sends little fractures of heat spiraling down the back of my neck and spine. Still holding me close, he adjusts himself, freeing his balls from the briefs next so all of him is exposed. They are large, round and smooth. Everything about him is so intensely male and perfect, it’s hard not to react.

My body pulses with electric heat, as feelings I never imagined I’d have course through me. Interest. Desire. Lust.

He’s attractive, fit and intelligent. There's nothing about him, at least physically, not to like, but he bought me for heaven’s sake. I should feel repulsed, not excited and slightly turned on.

He watches me expectantly and I lift his heavy cock away from where it rests against his tight abdominal muscles and lower my head to his lap, my tongue darting out to taste the tip of him. He releases a small grunt of satisfaction and tightens his grip against the back of my neck, urging me closer.

Curling my fist around the base of him, I work my tongue up and down his length, coating him in my saliva so my hand can easily slide up and down. I’ll never be able to fit all of him in my mouth, so using my hands too is a necessity.

A softly murmured curse urges me on. My free hand reaches beneath to gently cup and massage his balls. A warm drop of fluid escapes him and I swipe my tongue against his tip, capturing the bead of salty fluid and swallow it down. Drake’s murmured grunt urges me on.

Keeping up my suction around the head of his cock, I ease open my jaw, trying to fit as much of him as I can into my mouth. While my mouth takes him in, I use both hands to firmly stroke the neglected half of his generous length.

"Oh fuck," Drake growls. "That’s it, just like that," his deep voice rumbles in his chest. Warmth and moisture flood my panties and I commit myself fully, sucking, licking and stroking to the best of my ability.

Confusion snaps to the forefront of my brain. No part of me should be enjoying this, but I feel powerful and desirable making this gorgeous man come apart.

His hand tightens in my hair, causing my scalp to tingle and he pulls my mouth away, taking his enormous cock in his hand and stroking it in short, uneven strokes. My core clenches at the sight of him.

"Open your mouth," he moans. I do as I’m told, opening wide for him. "Let me see your tongue." I stick out my tongue and he places the head of his cock against it as his fist continues pumping. His eyes fall closed and his head drops back against the sofa. "Oh fuck, sweetness," he growls as a low rumble vibrates in his chest. "That feels so fucking good." Watching us once again, he keeps stroking himself, his pace erratic and his eyes dark with lust. "Your mouth looks so pretty on my cock."

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