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His hot breath against my neck made me whimper and grind my hips even closer to his. Suddenly stalking away from the door, Knox carried me toward my bedroom. Gripping his shoulders as we moved down the darkened hallway, I felt my heart thrum in anticipation of what was to come next.

After tossing me none-too-gently onto the bed, Knox then dragged me by my ankles across the mattress. My heart jumped into my throat. I wanted to kiss him, to touch him, but the dark gleam in his eyes told me that he was in charge. And that thought alone caused a hot shiver to race through my veins. I liked his dominant side. Knowing I was his did insane things to me.

Unbuttoning my pants, his fingers slid into the waistband of my jeans and he tugged them down my legs, bringing my panties down with them. I squirmed on the bed, desperate to feel his rough hands against my skin, anxious for the release I knew he could give me. It had been too long; we’d both suffered too much.

“Knox…” I whimpered.

“Sit up,” he ordered coolly.

I obeyed, rising to a seated position that conveniently put me eye level with his belt buckle. Temptation spiked within me.

“Unbutton your top.”

He wanted to watch me undress myself. My fingers fumbled with the buttons on my cardigan, finally freeing the last one, and let the top fall off my shoulders. Knox found the hem of my camisole and tugged it up over my head, his fingers expertly unclasping my bra so I was left completely bare and exposed in front of him.

He leaned over me, brushing his cheek along mine. “Beautiful,” he murmured.

With him this close I could smell the warm, musky scent of his skin. That familiar smell of warm leather and Knox sent a rush of endorphins skittering through my bloodstream. The brush of his rough cheek against my collarbone as he lowered his head hardened my ni**les into points. The promise of what he could do with his mouth taunted me and I whimpered helplessly.

“Patience, sweet girl. Are you going to let me taste you this time?”

I nodded eagerly. It turned out I had no reason to be self-conscious with Knox. I had to remind myself he’d done everything and then some; nothing shocked him. I might as well go with it and enjoy the pleasure he could so expertly deliver.

Blinking up at my dark angel, I frowned. He was still fully dressed and watching me with an amused expression. Gazing down at his erection, I chewed on my lower lip. I wanted to touch him. I’d missed the solid feel of him in my hands.

“You want this?” He adjusted the rather large bulge protruding from the front of his pants.

I reached for him and unbuckled his belt, determined to push him to the same frenzied state he’d driven me to. His hands found mine and he made quick work of stripping, shoving his jeans and boxers down his hips and stepping out of them before pulling his shirt off over his head. A chiseled six-pack of rock-hard abs wasn’t something I was strong enough to resist.

Need coursed through me. I wanted to touch him. Reaching one hand tentatively toward him, I paused, hesitating, before dropping my hands to my lap and looking down at the floor.

Using two fingers, Knox tipped my chin up so I’d meet his eyes. “Let go of your shyness and insecurity. This is just me and you. And trust me, you can’t possibly do anything wrong.”

I swallowed down the sudden wave of nerves and nodded. Leaning forward, I pressed my lips to the warm skin over his solid abdominal muscles, inhaling the scent of him. His muscles tightened gloriously as I trailed kisses from his navel downward. He released a helpless groan as my lips hovered just above his eager cock. Pride and happiness surged through me.

I gripped him in my right hand and stroked the smooth, velvety skin, enjoying the feel of his engorged length in my hand. Knox’s head fell back as he turned his body over to the sensations. I trailed my free hand up his thigh, my fingernails grazing the fine hairs. I wished I had the skills to make him feel as out of control with desire as he made me.

Leaning forward, I opened my mouth wide, taking him in and delivering a slow, wet kiss to the head of his cock. A breath of air hissed through his teeth and I repeated the move, this time lightly cupping and squeezing his balls, the weight of them in my palm both foreign and enticing. While continuing to rub him with my hands, I moved my mouth up and down, taking him farther down my throat with each thrust.

Soon his hips were rocking forward to meet my mouth and his hands were fisting in my hair. “Shit, angel,” he choked out, stepping back from me with a twisted expression.

I blinked up at him, trying to understand why he was stopping me. I’d just found my rhythm.

His elongated c**k glistened enticingly and his chest rose and fell with each ragged breath as he fought for control. “No more being insecure. You’re f**king good at that.”

I fought off a smile, feeling oddly proud.

“Lay back,” he ordered.

I scooted up the bed and laid back, my head on the pillow, but my gaze still on him. I decided that I liked having him in my bedroom. His presence was so large and overwhelming that the soft comfort of my own space eased the experience.

He reached for his discarded pants and found his wallet, withdrew a foil packet, and tore it open. I wondered if he’d planned on us reuniting physically tonight, or if the condom was simply a remnant of his old life. Pushing the thought away, I watched him roll the condom down his length and my breathing hitched in my chest. He was big, even bigger than I remembered, yet I craved the feeling of every hard inch invading my body.

He joined me on the bed, then dragged me by my waist until I was on top of him, positioning me so I was straddling his hips, my knees on either side of his thighs. Knox’s amused expression caused a smile to tug against his mouth and he rested his head against the pillows, crossing his arms behind his head.

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