When We Fall Page 30

“Do you want my mouth here?” I continued rubbing and circling her ni**les. Her breath hitched in her throat and she murmured some unintelligible sound. I knew that kissing and sucking on her tits got her nice and wet for me, and I couldn’t help teasing her.

Lowering my mouth to her chest, I pressed a tiny kiss to the tip of each breast, her skin erupting in chill bumps in the wake of my breath. “Why are these still on?” Working my fingers into the side of her panties, my fingers found her warm center. Slick and wet, just like I predicted.

I pushed the fabric down her legs until the panties pooled at her ankles and she stepped out of them. Running my fingers along her bare folds, I found her clit and lightly rubbed. McKenna’s knees trembled and she reached a steadying hand toward me, grasping my bicep as I continued my assault.

Then I bent to her ear and whispered, “Get on your knees, angel.”

I took her hand and helped her lower herself to her knees, then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, tugging them down just enough to free my cock. It greeted McKenna, begging for her mouth.

Taking the base of me in one hand, she guided me to her mouth. Big blue eyes met mine as she sucked against the head of my cock. Holy f**k. Watching her suck my dick was almost as good as the sensation itself. She might not have had experience before, but her passion for me and for this came through loud and clear. She devoured me, pushing as much of my length as she could fit into her mouth, salivating around me and pumping her fist up and down while her other hand cupped my balls. I was hers. She was the only girl who could make me come in about three minutes flat just by sucking me.

I tipped her chin up to mine and her eyes latched on again. “What do you think you’re doing?” I growled, my voice rough with desire.

Considering her mouth was currently full of my cock, she didn’t answer, but her eyes implored mine.

“You’re a greedy little thing this morning. Why would you try to make me come in your mouth when you know I want to be inside you when I go off?”

She swallowed and the sensation cut straight to my balls where I had to fight off a moan.

“Get on the bed.”

McKenna rose and scrambled up to the bed, lying down on her back and widening her thighs so I could see her pretty pink folds.

Shit, that was a beautiful sight. I drew a couple of deep breaths to calm myself down, or this was going to be over in a damn hurry. Needing a moment to recover, I took my time licking and kissing a trail along her body, spending extra time nibbling the creamy flesh at her inner thighs until she was writhing and groaning beneath me. I flicked my tongue against her clit, bringing her right to the edge of her orgasm before placing a chaste kiss against her pu**y and crawling up her body.

When she let out a groan of frustration, I said, “Same thing you did to me, angel. Fair’s fair.” The truth was, there was no way she was coming without me inside her. I needed to feel her tight walls clench around me when she came. I f**king craved it.

As I positioned myself against her and eased inside slowly, my eyes slipped closed and I went to my happy place. The place where I felt content and loved and accepted. McKenna wrapped her legs around my back, tilting her pelvis to meet mine, allowing me to thrust deeper. She could now handle all of me, which sent my c**k to his happy place, too.

Dragging my length in and out of her, I cradled her face in my hands and kissed her full mouth, telling her I loved her over and over again.

Knowing that this beautiful girl loved me for the man I was, it made our relationship and our intimate connection that much stronger. We hadn’t gotten around to making it official yet, but it was just a matter of time. Maybe this summer on the beach.

“Knox, I’m close…” she murmured, tightening her vice-like grip on my dick.


McKenna let out a short cry and her fingernails bit into my ass as she pressed me closer. I drew out her orgasm, kissing her mouth, her neck, and her br**sts as she clung to me, her pu**y throbbing deep inside.

I shuddered once and started to come, hot jets of se**n pumping out of me and into McKenna as our bodies fought to get even closer together.

Afterward, we laid tangled together in the sheets, our skin dewy from exertion and our hearts still beating too fast. We made plans for the rest of our day together—going out to lunch, and then down to the lake to walk along the beach. I smiled at the secret knowledge that sex one more time before Tucker got home from school would probably be on the agenda, too.

I tugged her closer, drawing her to my chest, thankful that I had at least a million more days like this to look forward to. Before McKenna, I thought I was incapable of love—and maybe I was. But she’d changed something fundamental inside me just by her presence in my life. Her sweet and giving nature, her big heart that had plenty of room for not only me, but also my brothers, and her ability to forgive were all things I loved about her. And I made sure to tell her every day. Now that I’d found her, I would do everything in my control to show her she was the love of my life.

Curling into my side, McKenna released a happy little sigh. Knowing that she felt the exact same way was something indescribable. I felt a deeper connection to her than any other person in the world. She was my everything.

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