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“But how did you know this would all work out? That you could trust this lawyer and the police to—”

“Shhh. It’s over now.” He kissed me softly on the mouth.

My whirling thoughts and racing heart felt anything but comforted. “Are you sure it’s not going to come back to you? They could find out you set this up. How do you know this lawyer, anyway?” Questions tumbled from my lips as my brain fought to catch up.

His gaze slid away from mine. “It’s been a long night. We’ll talk about that later.” Opening his arms, he urged me closer. “Come here.”

I sensed there was something he wasn’t telling me, and a flicker of curiosity bloomed inside me, but I let it go and curled against his side, savoring the feel of his firm body against mine. Knowing how close I could have come to losing him tonight quieted me and I clung to him, desperate for skin-to-skin contact.

Chapter Seven


I tugged McKenna closer, pushing my hand under the T-shirt she wore to bed, unable to resist running my hand along the soft curve of her ass. Tonight had been stressful—leading Jaxon into a situation like that and involving the police, which totally went against my gut and had put me on edge. But there was no way I was letting McKenna take the hit for Jaxon’s mistake. That money belonged to her. I wasn’t about to let it fall into the hands of a street gang. She deserved to be in control of her parent’s inheritance, and even if she wanted to use it to fund Luke’s education¸ it was hers to do with what she wanted.

“What are you doing?” She giggled as my hand squeezed her ass cheek.

“Just exploring,” I growled near her ear. I hoped she wasn’t too tired, because I needed to feel her around me. Tonight more than ever.

“How can you be thinking about sex right now?” she teased, wiggling her ass farther away from me. “You could have been killed tonight.”

“But I wasn’t.” I tugged her close again. No way was I letting her escape that easy. “And now I want to celebrate by getting my c**k wet in your sweet honey.” It was crude, but I wasn’t in the mood to sugarcoat my mood with pretty words. I hitched her bare leg up over my hip so she could feel that I was already semi-hard for her.

“You and your insatiable boners.” She rolled her eyes for dramatic effect. Her playful mood was exactly what I needed to relax. And studying me in the dim light, McKenna seemed to understand that. “The things I do for my sex-addicted boyfriend.” She sighed.

Boyfriend. I liked that word coming from her lips. “I’m addicted to your tight, hot pu**y. And I’m not going to apologize for that.”

“So, what are you going to do about it?” she challenged, a lively spark in her eyes.

I pulled her over the top of me so she was straddling my lap. I loved the weight of her against me, the sight of her sitting on top of me. Tugging her panties to the side, I touched my fingertips to her pu**y lips, finding them glistening with her moisture, and my c**k swelled even more. “I want to feel your heat squeezing my cock.”

McKenna let out a helpless whimper.

I continued rubbing her, spreading her apart so I could stroke her clit in a little circular pattern that made her hips rock slightly against mine, and nestled my c**k nice and tight between her ass cheeks.

“Careful, angel. I’m tempted to bury myself inside you, and if that happens I don’t know if I can hold back tonight.”

She breathed my name, her head dropping back as she pushed her hips closer, greedy for more friction against her pleasure spot. A firm grip and a twist of the fabric and I tore the panties from her body, tossing them aside. “Oops,” I deadpanned.

She watched me with wide eyes, her pulse frantically thrumming at the base of her throat. She liked this side of me. Good girl.

Lifting her weight with one hand, I pushed my cotton boxers down my thighs with the other, freeing my c**k to rest between us. Rocking her hips against me, her wet pu**y slid along my shaft, coating me in her juices. A growl rose from my throat. I cursed under my breath, my hands clutching into fists at my sides. Restraint was not my strong point, and she was making me crazy with desire. I was about three seconds away from pounding into her, brutally taking everything she was offering.

“You better stop me now, angel, unless you want me to f**k you bare.” I knew her birth control hadn’t kicked in yet, but shit, in that moment, I was willing to risk it. I needed her. Just her, with no barrier between us. She made me want things I never thought I’d want. She made me crazy with the desire to not only f**k her, but to consume her from the inside out.

“Give it to me,” she breathed. Her confidence and husky tone caused a drop of fluid to leak from my tip.

Positioning the head of my c**k at her entrance, I pushed forward slowly but steadily, easing past the tightness of her inner muscles and not stopping until I was completely buried deep inside her body. McKenna let out a low murmur of discomfort. I knew I was testing her, pushing her limits, but I also knew she liked it. And I loved the feel of her stretching around me.

“Ride me, angel,” I encouraged, placing one hand against her side, my thumb lightly stroking her hip bone.

She rotated her hips, drawing me even deeper and savoring the feel of me buried so completely, before lifting and lowering herself back down in tiny increments as she adjusted to my size.

Watching her hips move against mine, seeing her eyes slip closed as an expression of ecstasy overtook her features was too much. Fuck. She was my everything.

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