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“You’re wet,” he whispered softly.

Megan wished she could see his face but with the way he had her positioned she’d have to twist her waist to peer at him around her hip. She knew that was a no-no. She pretended to be a bot and she’d been given orders. She had no guess what he’d do to her but she really wanted to find out, certain it would involve pleasure. Every time Ice touched her he made her come.

The large, warm hand curved around her thigh moved and his thumb brushed through the cream of her desire, rubbing through her slit to her clit, coating her more and teasing her. Her eyes closed and she licked her lips to wet them. Her breathing increased as he slowly rubbed back and forth. His other hand left her thigh and then curved around her ass cheek. He slowly rose and his thumb left her. Megan’s eyes flew open as his feet moved to the outside of hers and the hand on her ass curved around her hip. His c**k brushed her as he used his free hand to adjust it and then he entered her pu**y with one long, slow drive of his hips.

“Yes,” he rasped. “If there’s sheer pleasure, feeling how damn tight and hot you are, how ready you are for me, this is it.”

Megan couldn’t agree more as he seated his c**k deep inside her body, her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate his thick shaft. He paused there for a moment, his hand on her hip tightening his hold, and then he started to move. He withdrew almost completely and then slid back in, keeping his pace slow.

A moan rose that she fought to contain as she pressed her lips tightly together. She couldn’t decide what felt better—Ice f**king her slowly or when he took her hard and fast. Both brought her immense pleasure as he continued to pace his h*ps leisurely, taking his time to enjoy the feel of them together. She knew with all certainty that she preferred him without the use of a medicondom. The sensations were better, he wasn’t constricted at all in one of them, and the texture of skin against skin was heaven.

“Put your hands on the mattress higher at your shoulders,” he ordered.

She released the edge and did what he said. Her palms flattened on the messed-up bedding and her arms locked to hold herself still as he moved against her. Ice’s other hand wrapped around her as he bent over her, pinning her. He balanced his body by bending his knees slightly, and his h*ps moved faster, his hand bracing on her hip so she kept them both from falling forward. His hand slid between her thighs, pressing against her cl*t as he f**ked her harder, faster, drawing the level of rapture higher.

The moans tore from Megan now, unable to hold them back as he pounded his h*ps against her ass, his c**k driving in and out of her, hitting every nerve ending inside her pu**y in a way that had her fighting to keep her legs locked. Her knees wanted to buckle, the sensations that intense from the double stimulation of his c**k inside her and his thumb rubbing her clit.

The cl**ax gripped her and Megan cried out loudly. Her elbows gave way and she found herself pressed tightly over the bed. Ice shouted out behind her right as he pulled his c**k completely out of her to spill his release on her thighs then collapsing down on her back, his weight nearly crushing her but she could gasp in air.

Chapter Five

When they both got their breathing under control, Ice didn’t move away. He had her pinned over the side of his bed. His thumb, still against her clit, moved though and he rubbed her slowly. She didn’t think she could handle him touching her oversensitive cl*t but she was wrong because ecstasy shot through her system at his mere touch.

“What is your directive, baby? Tell me,” he ordered softly.

She tried to lift her head but he released her hip, lifting his chest from her back a few inches, but keeping his other hand firmly against her clit. He pushed her head back down, pressing her cheek against the bed again. He held her there firmly, not allowing her to move.

“I don’t understand,” she panted the words, still trying to recover.

“I can do this for hours.” He leaned over her so his weight pressed against her ass and his still-hard c**k ended up trapped between her thighs. “I’ll f**k you over and over. Tell me what you want or need from me, Megan. How much can you take before you break? I want you to answer me.”

Her thoughts were jumbled with him rubbing her clit. “I―”

A bell sounded loudly in the room and Ice cursed, he straightened and moved away.

“Get under my sheets now and cover up. Someone is at the door.” He sounded irritated.

Saved by the bell, she thought, shaking as she did what he told her. She fought the covers free of the jumble they were in and moved under them, covering her body as she turned to face him. Ice had his back to her as he jerked up his pants and fastened them.

He walked the few feet to the door, slapped his palm on the scanner, and it swished wide open.

She couldn’t see who stood there with Ice’s big body in the way but she could hear just fine.

“We have company. The Bridden just docked with us. The council contacted them and they were still close by.” The male’s voice wasn’t one Megan recognized. “They sent Blackie here to deal with the problem.”

“That’s not necessary.” It was clear that anger ruled Ice’s emotions. It showed in his tense body and the way his hands fisted at his sides.

“He has his orders and you have yours from the Council. He’s waiting in the cargo bay with the bots not in use. He’s ordered all of them returned there immediately.” The cyborg paused. “All of them.”

“I understand.” Ice stepped back. “I’m on my way.” The doors slid shut.

Questions filled her mind about Blackie. She really wanted to ask but she didn’t as Ice softly cursed and moved to the side of the room with the built-in drawers and shelves. He yanked open a lower drawer, shoved stuff around, and then straightened, fisting a few articles of clothing. He turned to meet her curious gaze.

“Get dressed now.” He threw the clothes at the bottom of the bed. “I have to return you to the cargo hold and talk to someone.”

Unease gripped Megan while she stared uncomprehending at Ice. He jerked his gaze from hers and returned to the open drawer, grabbed out a shirt, and kept his back to her while he put it on.

“Hurry up, Megan. We need to get there now. That’s an order.”

She moved slowly, dressing, and kept darting glances at Ice. He kept his back to her as he bent to put on his boots, not bothering to even put on socks first. His movements were jerky and she could tell he was upset for some reason as he straightened and ran his fingers through his silky hair. His chin lowered. He turned to face her and then he stared at her with an icy gaze.

“Let’s go. Do exactly what I say, Megan. Am I clear?”

“Yes.” She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat.

He turned, spinning away, and slapped the scanner hard with his palm, opening the doors. He paused. “Let’s go. Keep up with me.”

The urge to confess to Ice about her lies became so overpowering that Megan actually opened her mouth as they marched quickly down a corridor. She didn’t know what was going on or why the council, whatever they were, had sent some man named Blackie. It worried her that Ice had taken her from his room. She took a deep breath to fill her lungs for the words that she knew she had to utter. Would Ice be furious? Would he hurt her? She wasn’t sure.

A door opened in front of them and whatever she’d been about to say was lost to the shock of seeing a black-haired cyborg with dark-gray skin step into the corridor. He wore all black from his throat to his glove encased hands, all the way down to his chunky, military-style, black boots. The look of pure coldness on his harsh features stunned her enough to keep her mute. He had the coldest blue eyes she’d ever seen, even icier than Ice’s with his dark coloring amplifying the blue, before his intense gaze shifted to Ice.

Ice stopped, his hold on her arm making her halt as well. “You aren’t needed here, Blackie.”

“The council disagrees.” The man had a deep, harsh voice. “Bring it into the cargo hold.”

Ice hesitated but then nodded. “Of course.”

The “ it” the new cyborg referred to was her and she knew it. Ice took a step, tugged on her arm, and the other cyborg stepped aside to let them pass. Megan did a quick head count and realized all twelve bots had been returned to the room. Ice stopped just inside the door and released her. She missed his touch.

Ice turned to face Blackie as the cyborg followed them through the doors that closed firmly behind him. Ice spoke first.

“What does the council want?”

“The truth, regardless of what it takes.”

“I have this under control.”

The dark-skinned cyborg arched a black eyebrow. “They disagree. Step aside and stay out of this. That’s a direct order from Councilman Zorus. He put me in charge of this situation and if you’d bothered to read your orders they sent you, you would be aware of that.”

The rage on Ice’s features clearly showed but he still moved to the bulkhead next to the door and leaned against it. Movement out of the corner of her eye had Megan turning her head to watch as four other cyborgs moved from behind the bots that had hidden them from her view at first. She had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she looked back at the scary-looking cyborg.

Blackie moved to the bot nearest him, studying it intently, and the bot responded to his presence.

“How may I serve you?”

He inched away from it to the next one, stopping in front of it, carefully examining it. The model smiled at him.

“How may I serve you?”

He took a deep breath and then he stopped in front of Megan. Her heart pounded as she stared at his leather-clad chest, not daring to look up into his frightening blue gaze. She said nothing, unable to because of the fear that had her frozen where she stood. She had a really bad feeling that they knew she wasn’t a bot and didn’t know how to react. She was damned either way. If they knew the truth but she still lied, it could anger them more. If they didn’t know, she didn’t want to risk her life by giving herself away.

Blackie’s hand lifted but she never saw the blow coming since she wasn’t following his movement. Pain exploded throughout the side of her head as she hit the unforgiving floor on her side. She lay there stunned, her ear ringing, and then suddenly someone crouched next to her. A warm hand gripped her hip and she turned her head, reeling from the shock and pain from the cyborg backhanding her, to see Ice next to her, glaring up at the cyborg who’d struck her.

“What the hell are you doing?” Ice snarled the words.

“I told you to stay out of this.” Blackie frowned. “Move away from it. I’m going to get answers.”

Ice didn’t follow orders. He instead looked down, meeting Megan’s terrified gaze, and softly cursed under his breath just loud enough for her to hear him. He twisted enough to reach for her with his other hand and she flinched as his hand curved gently around her lower jaw. His thumb brushed the side of her mouth and she heard him growl. He twisted his head, glaring up at Blackie.

“You don’t strike her.”

Blackie shook his head. “You’ve gotten attached to one of them? Have you lost your reasoning, Ice? They are nothing to us. You know better.”

Ice released her and rose to his full height. “You shouldn’t ever strike a woman, damn it.”

“She’s not a woman. She’s a bot, remember?” Blackie took a step to the right to clear his path to Megan. “Move out of the way now. That is a direct order.”

“Ice,” Onyx warned softly. “Move away. He’s here on the behalf of the council and we’ve been ordered to give him whatever he needs to get what he came for.”

“Stay out of this.” Ice didn’t even look at his friend, instead he glared at Blackie. “I won’t allow you to abuse her. Ask her your damn questions but keep your hands to yourself.”

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