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Shit. Caught. She forced a smile. “My polite response is that you have a nice home,”

she stated quickly, hoping that would cover her error by misleading him into thinking it was a programmed function.

“It’s not a home. It’s my living quarters.”

“Information filed.” She kept her smile in place.

He backed up a little, not that he had much space to move, and openly studied her body. “You’re not as tidy as the other bots. You actually don’t appear anything similar to them and there’s something about you…” Suspicion flashed in his eyes.

She guessed that was his polite version of stating that she appeared messy. She’d run for her life through Folion to get to his ship so she knew she didn’t look her best.

The way he studied her had her about to break into a sweat again. Is he wising up? She thought fast, spun around to face the foam cleaning unit, really wanting one anyway, and stepped inside, purposely leaving her clothes on. She reached for the button to lift the doors to activate it.

“Wait!” He took a few quick steps forward. “You’re still dressed.”

She looked down, making a show of peering at her clothes. She lifted her chin. “Am I supposed to remove them first?” If that didn’t cry “stupid bot” to the guy, she didn’t know what would.

“Yes.” He gave a nod and then hesitated before his hands lifted. “Let me help you.”

She kept her gaze down and stepped over the edge of the foam unit and back onto the floor of his room. She lifted her arms the way a child would, her heart racing. He could totally help her get naked.

“What are you doing?”

Her chin rose. “I am waiting for you to undress me. The shirt lifts over my head.”

Big hands hovered for seconds and then he gripped her shirt, tugging it up her body. The bra threw him a little, a frown curving his lips. Megan cursed silently, forgetting she wore one when bots didn’t. She turned to present her back to him.

“I am fully outfitted to be human.”

He hesitated but then his fingers brushed her mid back as he unclasped the bra. She turned, wiggled her shoulders, and the bra dropped. The straps slid down her arms and it landed on her feet. She looked up to see Ice’s attention fixed on her br**sts. Her ni**les puckered from the cooler air.

“Damn.” His hand rose quickly and his thumb brushed over her stiffened flesh.

“You have reactive ni**les? That’s amazing.”

She had to clench her teeth to not gasp in surprise as he played with her. His other hand rose to her other breast. He pinched that one between his thumb and forefinger, shooting pleasure straight to her brain. She didn’t mean to but she arched her back a little to push them more firmly into his hands. His gaze lifted to stare at her while his hands froze.

“You have expressions too?”

Shit! She realized she couldn’t hide everything. “Yes.”

He lowered his gaze, both hands cupping her br**sts. He gave them a gentle squeeze, feeling them, weighing them in his palms, and rubbing her sensitive skin again. The wonderful sensation made Megan’s body react full force. Butterflies fluttered around inside her stomach and she grew wet between her thighs over what he did to her with his fingers. It had been a long time since she’d had someone touch her and the guy was total eye candy with his beautiful eyes, gorgeous, burnished metallic-gray skin, and his body to die for.

Bad choice of words to describe him, she reminded herself. If he discovered her to be human, he might have to kill her to protect his secret existence. He released her br**sts and his gaze met hers.

“That’s amazing. You feel almost real.”

Almost? Oh yeah, he is total eye candy but not the brightest sugar treat in the bowl.

“Thank you,” she said sweetly, resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

“They made you a little cooler though, in temperature. The other bots feel a bit warmer and they made your br**sts a little too soft and small. I like more firmness and more filling my hand.”

She debated if she could get away with smacking him upside the head. She fought the temptation, guessing that blaming a glitch that made her robotic arm jerk uncontrollably wouldn’t be believable. She resisted the urge and locked her teeth together instead and pushed back her irritation.

He suddenly dropped to his knees and she held her breath. He was tall even when kneeling, his face level with her br**sts. He stared at them before he reached for the waist of her pants, gripped them, and just jerked them down her legs. He paused and then looked up.

“Not fully outfitted. They forgot to put underwear on you.”

She swallowed. “I’ll make a note.”

He looked away from her and tugged her pants down completely to her ankles. She had to lift each foot for him to remove them, happy to not have shoes. She stood na**d before the cyborg as he tossed her pants to the floor. His arresting blue gaze swept up her body again.

“Now you can use the foam cleanser. Do you know how?”


He backed away on his knees. “Do it then and hurry up.” He slowly rose to his feet.

“I’ll get undressed while you get clean. I wouldn’t want a dirty bot in my bed.”

She spun around before he saw her anger. “I’m not a bot,” she managed to say in a cool voice. “I’m a simulated human prototype.”

She stepped into the small foam cleanser, turned, and met his amused expression.

She froze for a second, wondering what caused that emotion and then she forced her arm to lift, push the button, and the wall came up from the floor to hide her from his view. Her shoulders hunched as she leaned against the wall, taking a deep breath, thinking, This isn’t going to be easy. She activated the foam and closed her eyes.

Her body was turned on even though Ice had pissed her off. He’d insulted her br**sts. She opened her eyes when the cleaning foam that covered her body started to melt, turning to water that slid down her body to the drain in the floor. She examined her girls. Okay, they aren’t perfect the way a bot’s artificial ones are but for a real woman, they aren’t bad. She shook her head and then took some deep breaths.

She figured she could totally play this off if she just didn’t talk to the guy. Four solid days of sex was so tempting. He liked to play with bots before he used them so that should turn her on enough to be ready for him to take her. She worked up her courage, knowing that he would grow impatient if she didn’t hurry, and put on her game face, hiding her emotions as she pushed the button. The wall slid down and she had to resist the urge to gasp as she stared at the very na**d backside of one big, muscular cyborg.

Ice had the best body ever. She already knew that from seeing him on a screen but nine inches of monitor view through a flat glass panel on a control terminal didn’t do him justice. In real person, his bare skin was a soft, steel-gray color all over and his rounded, firm ass was a bit beefy, just the way she loved. He turned to face her.

She couldn’t look away from the front of him. He had no pubic hair but that wasn’t what held her attention. His c**k strained straight out, rock hard, and a darker shade of gray than the rest of his skin. He appeared larger in person than he had through the grainy camera lens. Folion hadn’t had the best viewing equipment on board, cameras not high on their budget expenses but more of an afterthought.

“What do I call you?”

His voice drew her focus from his impressive c**k up to his face. She had to swallow the lump of uncertainty that lodged in her throat. “Megan.”

Eyebrows rose. “Seriously?”

If he weren’t so damn hot she’d absolutely have to smack him, she decided.

“Megan, unit prototype one,” she lied, in hopes that would pacify him. The bots had numbers. “I’m a simulated human―”

He cut her off. “Silence.”

She closed her mouth. She started to change her mind about wanting to have sex with him as he advanced slowly toward her since he acted a little rude. He didn’t have far to go before he stood in front of her. A hand shot out and he gripped her wrist, turned, and gave her a tug. She stumbled a little, stunned at his actions, and then found herself standing next to his bed. He released her wrist and grabbed her hips. She did gasp as he spun her to face the bed.

One hand remained, gripping the curve of her hip while his other hand suddenly grabbed the back of her neck, wrapping around her wet hair and curving there. He pushed her forward, bending her over in front of him. Her hands shot out to flatten on the mattress. She experienced a jolt of fear as he held her that way and she saw his feet spread apart behind hers. His c**k suddenly tabled on the curve of her ass—hard, heavy, and hot. Her entire body tensed.

“You’re short,” he said softly. “So, should I just f**k you right off?”

He wasn’t hurting her but he held her firmly by the back of her neck and her hip, securing her in place. He had never acted that aggressive with the bots. Those he’d directed to get on the bed while he explored their bodies with his mouth and hands. He was a big bastard and if he just entered her, he’d hurt her. She was turned on but not enough for that kind of immediate action.

“I’m thinking I should take you really fast and hard.”

He’d really hurt her if he did that because she hadn’t had sex in a while. He moved his hips, rubbing the front of his thighs against the back of her legs, sliding his c**k along her back and down the crack of her ass. He moved slowly, rubbing against her, and Megan had to fight the urge to struggle. Her heart pounded and her fingers clawed the bedding as she clenched her teeth, tightly clamping her lips together. No matter what, she knew she couldn’t make a sound if he hurt her since bots didn’t experience pain.

“What do you think?”

Fear kept her from forming a verbal response.

“Hmmm.” He froze and stopped rubbing against her body. “I have a better idea.”

His hand released her neck. “I want you to roll over and spread those thighs high and wide open for me. I like to play with my toys before I ride them.”

Her mouth parted and she took a shaky breath, relief pouring through her. He released her hip. “Do it now. On your back, legs up and spread wide for me, and close your eyes. I don’t want to be looked at while I play.”

Megan managed to move. What the hell have I done? What did I get myself into? I never should have done this. Maybe I should just tell him the truth…and what if he kills me? That thought left her silent as she inched onto his bed and rolled over, closing her eyes to hide her fear from him, and thankful he’d ordered her to do it.

His bed was soft and comfortable as she stretched on her back and blindly lifted her knees up to her chest, spreading her thighs apart. She was exposed totally this way, vulnerable, and scared. Her heart pounded. Tall, gray, and sexy had become tall, gray, and scary. The mattress shifted and she tensed a bit before she forced her body to relax or risk him discovering her deception. A hand gently curved on the inside of her thigh, his thumb softly rubbing her skin.

“I’m going to play with you nice and easy,” he said softly, his voice husky. “If you were real you’d enjoy this. I’m hoping that you’re programmed for moans and realistic sexual reactions.”

Megan swallowed and relaxed a little more. His other hand gripped her thigh and he adjusted her so they were spread a little wider apart. That hand slid up and his thumb brushed over the soft folds of the outer lips of her pu**y. Her heart raced and she tried hard to remember to regulate her breathing no matter what he did to her.

Regardless, she sucked in air when his other thumb touched her outer lips and he spread her, exposing her inner sex to his view. She had to resist the urge to glance down at him, really wanting to.

“Very nice.” His voice changed, going a little deeper, huskier. “Delicate and so damn pink. Your creators did a good job with this.”

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