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“Yes,” she moaned.

Ice suddenly froze, his fingers slowly withdrew from her pu**y and his mouth left her breast. Megan opened her eyes to stare into his gorgeous ones below her since he’d lifted her above his head. He lowered her slightly and she let her gaze follow his to his erect c**k until he had her dangling hip to hip with him. They stared at each other.

“I can do anything to you. Does that turn you on? You’re so damn wet.”

She cleared her throat. “Yes,” she admitted honestly. “You’re so damn strong too and that really makes me hotter.”

“I admit that your delicateness makes me hurt with need. You’re so unlike cyborg women. I really find you fascinating and no woman has ever made me long to possess her the way I do you.”

His free arm slid between her thighs, lifting one of them up over his forearm, and his body moved closer so her knee bent against his rib cage. He adjusted his h*ps and pressed his c**k right against her vaginal entrance, never looking away from her gaze once.

“If there is sheer pleasure, you are it, Megan.” He slowly pressed forward, entering her.

Megan closed her eyes in pure ecstasy as he stretched her, filled her with that hard, thick length of his cock. She forced them open though and stared back into his heated gaze. “You’re a dangerous man, Ice. You make me feel too much, since we’re being so honest.”

He sank in deeper, lowering her weight just slightly as his leg brushed her other one aside to drape over his thigh. It spread her legs wider open to his h*ps and cock. He buried his c**k totally inside her body. She could feel his full length sheathed inside her. The heavenly sensation had her moaning louder.

“I’m going to f**k you, baby.” He paused, tilting his head just slightly. “And then I’m going to do the one thing I’ve wanted to most since I first touched you.”

“What?” Her voice shook a little and she had no idea what he thought or wanted.

“I’m going to come inside you and fill you with my mark. You’re my bot, Megan, and I’m going to keep you for a while.”

“I can live with that.” She lifted her chin. “Will you kiss me?”

“I’m going to do everything to you.” He lowered his mouth, taking possession of hers.

Chapter Seven

Cyborgs should have been banned on Earth just for the sinful way they could kiss.

Megan moaned and tried to not bite Ice as he proceeded to f**k her hard and deep. She hung there helpless, pinned against the cold cleansing-unit wall, and could only feel pure ecstasy on so many levels that it overwhelmed her.

Hanging by her arms made her more aware of so many things like how his body rubbed against hers with every upward drive of his h*ps hammering her and, being unable to move, she could just feel. He tore his mouth from hers and went for her throat. His teeth raked the side of her neck and then bit down. He didn’t bite her hard enough to hurt but it sent shock waves throughout her system with the firm, erotic grip he kept. He moaned with her as he slowed the pace and released her neck.

“Wrap your legs around me.”

He helped her, shifting her leg until she locked her ankles behind his spine. His beefy ass helped keep her heels from sliding down his body. His arm hooked under her ass as his other arm lifted her a few inches higher until they were perfectly aligned. He drove into her faster again but tilted her h*ps just enough that her cl*t rubbed against him.

“Oh God, Ice,” she moaned, letting her face rest on his broad shoulder. She fought the urge to bite him back.

She came hard, the cl**ax tearing through her body, and her teeth sank into his skin. He jerked against her, his body tensing, and then a loud groan tore from his lips as he pressed her tighter to the wall, nearly crushing her there, and she could feel him inside her as he came. Heat and pressure spread inside her vagina and she shivered at the extra sensation of pleasure. He backed off enough for her to gasp in air now that she wasn’t compressed to the wall. She released him from her teeth and stared at the bite mark on his light-gray skin.

“I’m sorry,” she panted.

“I’m not.” His voice deepened into a rumble next to her ear as he nuzzled her with the side of his face. His breath tickled her neck as he turned his head and their gazes locked.

“I bit you.”

“It made me come harder.”

“You like a little pain with your pleasure, huh?”

He flashed a grin. “I guess that I do. I never knew that about myself before but if that was an indication, then yes.”

“Too bad you had me tied up then because I have a feeling I would have clawed you with my nails because of how damn good you feel inside me then.”

His arm adjusted from under her ass to around her waist, anchoring her securely against his body as the tension on her wrists suddenly abated. She glanced away from him to watch him unwind the belt from his wrist. She saw dark marks there from it but then got distracted as her arms lowered and blood flowed back to her limbs. Her wrists were still bound together so she just slipped her arms over his head, holding him as she met his gaze again. He had the most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

She shook her head, not looking away from him. “No. I enjoyed the hell out of that but I do love to touch you.”

“You will get to do that often since we now share living space. I promised you food and I need to go get it if you wish to eat.” He paused. “Let me go. I’ll put you down and untie you. We’ll cleanse together.”

She hated to release him but grudgingly lifted her arms as he slid her down his body when she unlocked her legs from his hips. Her feet touched the floor and he stepped back, releasing her waist. In seconds, he freed her wrists. She saw the marks but she doubted it would bruise since the material was soft and thick enough to have supported her weight. She glanced at his wrist, seeing the marks from where he’d held her weight already disappearing.

“Close your eyes,” he warned as he reached behind them to toss away the belt and hit the button to raise the wall that enclosed them totally in the tight space of the cleansing unit.

She barely did it before he hit the button and foam sprayed them both. He moved back a little so it went between them. She shivered when the foam melted on her oversensitive flesh, tickling her skin slightly.

“I don’t think a cleansing has ever been such an experience.”

He chuckled. “I am growing hard again but you need food.”

Food. She sighed. She’d totally lost track of time since she’d left Folion. She didn’t know if it was night or day but she’d only eaten once in that time. Her stomach rumbled at the thought of food and knew the next tray coming into his room wouldn’t be drugged. She trusted Ice not to harm her or allow her to be hurt.

She looked up at him when the foam had totally melted, staring into his handsome features above hers, and watched him look down at her. She bit her lip and then reached for him, putting her hands on his chest, loving the feel of firm, warm skin under her fingertips.

“You’re not acting the way a bot would at this moment.” He studied her eyes but his lips curved into a smile.

He didn’t look upset or unhappy as Megan studied his features carefully. “Do you want me to not touch you, Ice? Act more robotic? I can.”

He took a deep breath and shook his head. “I enjoy our exchanges but we just won’t get involved emotionally.”

Right, she thought. I’m falling in love with you. “The sex between us is great. We won’t get involved emotionally,” she repeated softly, happy he didn’t touch her pulse to detect that lie. “We can make this work, Ice.”

Something sparkled in his gaze and then he smiled. “I will try it. You have no qualms using sex to gain what you want, do you?”

“Not when it comes to you,” she admitted honestly. “Believe it or not but I’ve never before gone after a man to get him to have sex with me the way I have you. You’re the first.”

He reached back, hit the button that freed them from the cleansing unit, and took a step out of it, reaching for towels. “I have a feeling that we are going to be a first for each other in a lot of ways.”

“It could be fun.”

“So far I am deeply enjoying your company.” He handed her a towel. “I am going to dress and get your food.”

“Good.” She dried off quickly and accepted a shirt that Ice lent her.

He dressed and left her alone in his quarters. Megan walked to the bed, sat down hard on it, and stared around the confining space. This was going to be her home for a while.

What if the Cyborg Council wouldn’t change its mind? She bit her lip, thinking hard. How long would Ice allow her to share his room? If the cyborg council did ever decide she could live, that she could return to Earth, that would mean she’d be leaving the Rally and Ice behind.

“Well shit.” She sighed, shaking her head at the mere thought of losing him. She had no desire to be set free. She had grown really attached to tall, gray, and sexy. He’d be damn displeased if he knew it. No matter what, she needed to hide it.

* * * * * “Ice?”

Ice turned to face Blackie in the hallway. The other cyborg looked grim. “Is it done? I need to see her body to verify it for the council.”

Ice’s fists clenched at his sides, pain throbbing in his injured hand. He shut down his pain sensors to that arm and glared at Blackie. “I want you off my ship.”

“It is not yours.”

“Megan is no longer a threat. That’s all you need to know.”

Dark eyes narrowed. “She’s dead?”

“Get off my ship. That’s an order. We’re undocking with the Bridden in minutes. Be on it or you’ll be a part of my crew.” He spun away and walked toward the mess hall.

“You don’t want to be under my command.” The threat was clear and he knew Blackie would understand that.

“What are you doing?” Confusion clouded the cyborg’s voice.

Ice stopped walking and turned to stare at the man in the hallway. “I’m not blindly following bad orders from the council.”

Blackie shook his head. “I hope you know what you are doing. I’m leaving but Zorus will not back off.”

“I don’t expect him to.” Ice looked away and continued to walk down the corridor.

When he entered the mess hall, he wasn’t alone. The medic happened to be seated at a table eating a meal. He put down his fork, staring with sympathy at Ice, and slowly stood. Ice glanced away from him and moved to the food unit.


Ice tensed, turning to face Varion. The medic’s expression hardened as he inched closer, moving purposely toward him.


“I’ve prepared the cargo bay to store the human female’s body. Is it done?”

Ice’s hands gripped the tray he prepared with food hard enough that he could feel the metal bending. He gently set it down on the counter and faced the medic full on.


“The council contacted me and wants me to verify her death as soon as her life is extinguished. I am to write them a report.” The man grimaced. “I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you. If you are unable I will prepare an injection that will be painless for the human female. There’s no need for her to suffer.”

The door opened and Onyx walked inside the galley. He paused, frowning, and then sighed loudly. “I am sorry. I know you liked the female.”

Varion glanced at Onyx. “He hasn’t taken her life as yet.”

A frown curved Onyx’s lips as he stared at his best friend. “Do you need me to do it? I won’t hurt her, Ice. You know this.”

Ice blew out his breath. “She isn’t going to die. She’s going to remain on the Rally in my room. She’s no threat if she’s a prisoner inside my quarters.”

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