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But my brain went on sabbatical as she extended her leg and ground her toned thigh against my cock. The pressure was enough to make my ears ring, and I squeezed my eyes closed to get some relief.

It was all too much. She was coming at me from every direction, setting all of my senses ablaze at once. The taste of her skin against my tongue, the feel of her smooth, tight cunt in my hand, the sound of her choppy, broken breath. This had been a long time coming, and if I didn’t pull back, it was going to be over before we even started.

I angled my cock away from her thigh with a groan and released her nipple. “Lay back and spread your legs wider for me, baby,” I whispered.

Her gaze was molten hot as she wet her lips and did exactly as I’d asked, baring herself to me completely.

For a second, I just took in the view. My hand seated between Evie’s thighs, my glossy fingers stroking her up and down. With a growl, I massaged her swollen clit with my thumb and a tremor ran through her. She might technically still be a newbie at this, but by now, I knew what she needed. I knew her body and exactly how to wring pleasure from it. Her hips were moving in maddening circles, urging me on as I sank my fingers deeper into her waiting heat.

“Yeah, just like that,” she moaned, tossing her head slowly against the pillow.

I swallowed hard and pressed in deeper, sliding two fingers fully inside her now even as my thumb worked that bundle of nerves in slow circles.

“That feel good to you, Everleigh?” I demanded hoarsely, loving the sound of her cries, wanting to pull more of them from her mouth. “You want my cock right here?” I asked, plunging my fingers into her until she whimpered my name.

Her cries had become incoherent, and her chest was heaving as she thrust toward me, urging me to work her harder . . . faster. She was close, so close, and I couldn’t wait to feel her go over the edge.

I pressed my face between her thighs and replaced my thumb with my tongue, nibbling on her clit until she clawed at my shoulders in an unspoken plea. In answer, I sucked the tiny nub of flesh into my mouth and drew hard, once . . . twice, and then she screamed.

My cock jerked, and I arched into the mattress to keep from coming as her orgasm rained down on me. Coating my fingers even as her pussy clamped over them like a vice.

“Smith, oh God!”

I held it together, just barely, as she shook beneath me, but I was one false move from exploding myself. The moment the last tremors faded, I climbed up the bed and scrambled for a condom.

Seconds later, with a tear of foil and a quick fumble, I was ready. I pressed her back against the pillow and stroked her flushed cheek with my fingertip, my heart nearly as full as my aching cock.

“You ready?” I asked softly.

Her eyes gleamed and she nodded. “I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life.”

I gripped my cock and slid between her legs, resting the head against her opening. Her bottom lip quivered as I brushed a lock of hair away from her face.

Once I was in, I was in. There was no way I could live with myself if I had no intention of being with Evie beyond today, not even to satisfy her virginity vendetta. That thought only made me more eager to get inside her, though, because I’d never been more sure in my life.

But maybe this was just a box to check for her. Once she’d had a proper, satisfying sexual experience, would that be it?

For me, it was so much more. As I looked into her eyes and thrust inside her, filling her . . . taking her, it all seemed so fucking clear.

I was in love. I wanted Evie Reed to be mine now and forever. Now, it was up to her what happened after tonight.

So you better make it good, Hamilton.

Her mouth dropped open in a silent gasp as I drove forward, slow and steady. Inch by excruciating inch.

“God, you’re fucking tight,” I bit out through gritted teeth.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

But for once, she didn’t look sorry, or shy, or nervous. She looked totally enthralled.

Good start.

I was seated about halfway when I felt it again. The feeling that had put my radar on high alert that night in the hotel. The band of muscles wrapping around my cock like a fist. This was the tricky bit. I needed to move forward to finish the deed, but getting into her tight little pussy that deep would come at a price—my sanity.

I closed my eyes and sucked in a steadying breath before opening them again. “Relax,” I whispered.

She nodded furiously, her throat working as she swallowed hard. “Trying to.”

It was easy to forget she’d done this before. Both because I wanted to pretend that I was the first one to claim her, and also because whoever she’d been with must have been hung like a fucking field mouse.

I inched forward, and her every muscle tensed against me. “Tell me if I hurt you, baby. Don’t want that.”

“N-no. Not exactly. It feels huge,” she whispered, flicking out her tongue to lap at the beads of sweat dotting her upper lip. “Like pressure, but good too, you know?”

I bit back a groan. I did know. If there was any more pressure on my cock and balls right now, I’d literally disintegrate.

“One more push and I’ll be all the way in, okay?”

She nodded, and her eyes fluttered shut. “Yup.”

I leaned down to kiss her softly on the mouth. Then balancing onto my forearms, I drove forward in a single smooth motion until my cock was fully seated deep inside her. My vision went hazy as her gasp rang out in the silent room.

I wanted to stay still. To give her time to adjust, and ask her again if she was all right. But the weeks of denying my need finally exploded inside me, and I was all instinct.

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