The Good Luck Charm Page 64

“What kind of requests?”

“Ones you need to hear out before you say no.”

He looks serious again and a little nervous. “That’s a good way to put me on the defensive.”

“Just listen before you react.”

“I’m listening.”

“I think you should take a year off work—”

“There’s no way—”

He puts a finger to my lips. “I said listen, please, Lilah.” He waits to make sure I’m going to follow his instructions. I do, but I’m sure I look unimpressed.

“I know you love your job, but even part-time it’s going to be a lot to juggle with taking a master’s course. Just take the year. I’m sure Fairview will want you back when you’re finished. Then you’ll be right where you want with your career without anything to get in the way of the goal.”

“I can’t afford to take the year off. I have a mortgage to pay.” Even as I say it, I know it’s a ridiculous excuse.

Ethan arches a brow. “Which brings me to my next request. I know your independence is important to you, and I love that about you, but I’d like you to officially move in with me. You’re already sleeping here most nights of the week anyway. The off-season is short. These are the only months we have together uninterrupted by constant travel. Financially it doesn’t make sense for you to pay a mortgage for a house you barely live in, especially when this is where you belong.” He holds on to my hip, smile growing devious. “Right here, in my lap, every single day.”

“That would make for awkward family get-togethers.”

He ignores my joke. “Move in. Take the time off work so you can have the career you want without sacrificing every other part of your life if you don’t have to. Selfishly, I’m referring mostly to myself. You’re essential to my survival. You’re as important as the air I breathe. You soothe my soul and keep my heart full—you always have. Just be here with me. We’ve spent enough time apart.”

He’s right. And more than that, we’re ready for this. “Okay. I’ll move in.”

“And take a year off to focus on your master’s.”

“I’ll start the paperwork for that.” I trace the contour of his jaw with gentle fingertips. “I love you.”

“Just like I love you.”

I grin. “So we stay.”

My favorite smile appears, and I get a little lost in the blue sea and amber sunrise shadowing his right eye. “So we stay.” He kisses me softly. “This time we only move forward together.”


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