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Ethan also turned the heat up in the pool so it’s warm enough to swim. Plus there’s the hot tub and the sauna. Tomorrow is Saturday, so none of us have to be up early for work, including Emery, who’s taking extra courses and working part-time.

Emery grabs the remote and turns on the TV. It’s already on the hockey channel. “When does the game start?”

“In about twenty minutes.” I resume nail polish application.

“Cool.” Emery takes another gulp of her margarita. She’s already drained most of it.

“Slow down, there, half-pint,” I warn. “It’s bad enough we’re breaking the law with the underage drinking. I don’t feel like taking a trip to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.”

“It’s so tasty it’s hard to stop.” She sets her glass down, though, and taps her lip thoughtfully. “But I don’t want my next run-in with Dr. Lovely to be while I’m having my stomach pumped.”

Carmen raises a brow. “How do you know Noah?”

“He was Emery’s surgeon when she broke her ankle,” I explain.

“He’s so hot.” Emery sighs.

“He’s a little old for you, don’t you think?” Carmen asks from behind the rim of her glass.

“Oh, totally. I think my dad would shit an entire pile of bricks if I brought home a guy in his thirties.” Her eyes go wide, darting between us. “I’m sor—”

“Don’t apologize,” Carmen and I say at the same time.

Emery bites her lip, her smile gone. “It’s still kinda weird, this whole thing.” She gestures between us. “And I forget sometimes, you know?”

“It’s really okay,” I reassure her.

Since the discovery that Emery is our half sister, Carmen and I decided to give our father a chance to make amends. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to forgive him entirely, or to call him Dad, since he’s never been one to me, but for Emery’s sake, I’m willing to at least be civil with him. She’s right about it being weird, and sometimes quite awkward, but she’s worth the effort.

Commentators for the hockey game appear on the TV, ending our conversation. It’s the sixth game in the series and Minnesota is down one game. Tonight they’re either going to game seven or coming home without the Cup. I’m crossing everything it’s the former, not the latter.

We drink far too many margaritas while we watch the game. It’s intense. The score stays close in the first period, but in the second Ethan scores a goal and follows with an assist, giving them a solid lead they manage to hold on to for the rest of the game. My heart swells with a pride so huge I can barely breathe as the final buzzer sounds—though it might also be because both of my sisters are hugging me so tightly. Tomorrow he’ll be home.

His dream is right there, within reach. The Cup is almost his.


“I’m so excited! I can’t believe I get to see the championship game live!” Emery’s arms are linked through mine and Carmen’s as we navigate the crowded arena. It’s a challenge to walk straight with how much bouncing she’s doing, but her enthusiasm is infectious.

I’m nervous for Ethan. The series is tied three to three. At least his team has home ice advantage.

Martin and Jeannie are ahead of us. I marvel as he takes the stairs at a cautious but competent pace. He’s come a long way in the months since the stroke. Once we reach our designated row, Jeannie and Martin allow us to file down it first so they can have the seats closer to the end. Center ice provides the perfect view of the entire rink.

Emery grabs Carmen’s shoulder. “Oh my God! Dr. Lovely is here! Best night ever.”

Carmen shoots her a look. “I thought we established that he’s too old for you.”

Emery rolls her eyes. “He’s still hot, though.”

We make our way down the row. There’s some elbowing and whispers as Carmen tries to make Emery sit beside Dr. Lovely but ends up beside him herself.

Emery grips the armrests, vibrating with excitement. She surveys the rows of fans, cringing at some of the outfits the bunnies are wearing. She elbows me in the arm. “Hey! Who is that?”

I follow her gaze. “Who is who?”

“That guy standing beside Jeannie.” Emery’s had an opportunity to meet Ethan’s family in the past two weeks, but this is the first time his brothers have been in town since she’s been introduced to the Kase family.


“Oooh. Ethan’s older brother, right?”


Emery narrows her eyes. “How much older is he again? Like, a few years?”

“Try seven.”

She slaps the arm of her chair. “Dammit! He doesn’t look that old. Why am I always lusting after these old guys? Why can’t college guys be less jerky and more … ” She flounders, searching for a word. When she can’t seem to find one, she gestures to Tyler. “Like that.”

“You’ll get to meet him after the game.”

She makes a pfft sound. “Whatever. He was in high school by the time I was freaking born.” Crossing her arms over her chest, she sighs and then brightens. “Will I get to meet some of the hockey players after this? Most of them are under thirty, right?”

“Yes. You’ll get to meet them, and yes, most of them are under thirty.”

“Great. Something to look forward to, you know, apart from the actual game.”

Drinks are purchased and no one says anything when a beer is handed to Emery. The game is a nail-biter. The score is tied one to one at the end of the first period. Ethan plays flawlessly. While the trade opportunities will be there no matter the outcome of this game, if they win, they’ll be far more favorable for him.

At the bottom of the second period, New York scores, giving them the advantage going into the final period. I watch Ethan and his coach strategizing before he returns to the ice.

I fidget with the bracelet around my wrist, fingering the hockey stick charm, saying a little prayer to the hockey gods. Minnesota gains control of the puck at the beginning of the third period, and the team captain scores another goal, with Ethan managing the assist. We’re on the edge of our seats, quite literally, the score tied, and no shots get past the net on either side.

It’s beginning to look like the game is headed for overtime until Ethan commandeers the puck with only minutes left on the clock. He’s lightning fast as he glides down the ice, maneuvering around the opposition, keeping the puck close. Skating around the back of the net, he shoots on the way up the rink, sneaking the puck past the goalie. We’re all out of our seats, along with the mass of Minnesota fans; the screams of excitement send a shiver down my spine. New York scrambles for the puck, but Minnesota keeps it out of their reach as the seconds tick down and the final buzzer sounds. The roar of the crowd is deafening as Minnesota streams onto the ice, high on the win.

I’m riding the same wave as everyone else as Minnesota players pass the cup while they skate the rink, celebrating this monumental win.

The game is long over before we finally make our way out of the stadium and head out to celebrate with the team. The wall of flat screens shows game highlights and interviews. Ethan’s smiling, sweaty face pops up at the same time an arm slips around my waist and warm lips brush my ear. “Took you long enough to get here.”

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