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Earlier this week, he picked me up after work and took me to Cosmo’s for sandwiches. We sat at our table in the corner, my foot hooked behind his calf as we ate, and for once he actually made an attempt to help me study. Mostly it was me explaining things, but the effort was sweet on his part. Ethan loathed statistics in high school, and the only ones he enjoys now pertain to hockey.

I’m curious as to where exactly he’s decided to take me tonight. On our way out of town, we pass a few familiar farms. We used to come this way to go to the drive-in or the theater in Minneapolis. It took a little longer, but then there was a reason behind the scenic route.

“Remember the first time I gave you road head?”

Ethan glances at me, then shifts his attention back to the road, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “That’s quite the conversation starter.”

“You were so excited. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Get you off before we got home so we could have more sex.” I ponder that for a moment. “Or maybe that was some excuse you fed me because you really wanted road head. It wasn’t like you couldn’t go forever back then.”

“I can still go forever,” Ethan says defensively.

“You’ve got stamina, maybe not eighteen-year-old jackrabbit stamina, but the professional-hockey-playing kind, and that’s almost the same.”

“I have way more finesse than I did back then—that has to count for something.”

“Oh? You think you have finesse now?” I’m playing with him, obviously.

Ethan arches a brow. “You can’t tell me if I’d come inside your place tonight that we wouldn’t have been naked on the closest available surface within five minutes.”

I give him the same brow back. “Wow, you either overestimate your irresistibility factor, or you underestimate my self-control.”

“You’re the one who mentioned road head, not me.”

“Any hints on where we’re going?” I inspect my nails.

“Subtle, Lilah.”

“I hope it’s nowhere windy.” I bite the inside of my cheek to stop from smiling as I wait for him to take the bait.

His brow furrows. “Why would you be worried about wind?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” I lift a shoulder and let it fall. “Maybe because I’m not wearing underwear.”

“Bullshit.” He glances at my lap, and his eyes stay there long enough that he starts to veer over the yellow line.

“Steady there.” I nod at the windshield.

Ethan pulls back into his lane. “I want to see.”

“It’s not a good idea for you to take your eyes off the road. It’s dangerous, don’t you think? Besides”—I poke at the lump still jacking up the front of his pants—“you already seem to have an embarrassing problem that doesn’t want to go away. If I confirm my pantilessness, I’m potentially setting you up for an indecent-exposure charge.”

Ethan hits the brakes and makes a hard right. At first I think we’re taking a detour through a field, but then I realize he’s taken one of the dirt tracks we sometimes made use of pre-or postmovie date. How the hell he managed to see it, I’ll never know. He pulls in about twenty feet and shifts into park.

Before I can react, Ethan punches the button to release my seat belt. “Show me.” He’s right in my face, almost on top of me.

I push on his chest. “Sit back.”

It’s only seven, and while the sun is starting to tuck itself below the horizon earlier these days, it’s still light out, which means there are no shadows to obscure his view yet. Shifting so my back is to the door, I set my left foot on the seat. Opening my legs wide, I lift my skirt so Ethan can see I’m very much telling him the truth.

“Fucking Christ, Lilah.”

I shriek when he grabs behind my knees and drags me across the seat, my head bumping the window and the armrest on the way.

His focus shifts from between my legs. “You okay?”

I nod. “Fine.”

He smiles. “You’re about to be a whole lot better than fine.”

Ethan’s hands slide up the inside of my thighs, holding them wide as he dips down, tonguing a path from my entrance to my clit, where he latches on and sucks.

The hot press and suction send a welcome shock of pleasure through my body. I brace one hand on the dash and grab the headrest with the other, slinging my leg over the seat to give Ethan more room. He’s so tall and broad, shoulders taking up all the space between the seat and the dash.

I come hard and fast, my foot slipping and my heel hooking the steering wheel. I’m barely over the crest of my orgasm when Ethan lifts his head, licking his lips as one corner of his mouth turns up a smirk.

“Fuck. Just look at you. Still so fucking naughty, aren’t you? Getting in my truck with no panties on.” Ethan slips a hand behind my neck, stroking softly along my throat with his thumb. At the same time he mirrors the movement between my legs, fingertips skimming my clit, sliding lower. And then he’s pushing two fingers inside, curling up and in, hitting that sweet spot.

“Kiss me,” I moan, wanting the taste of me on his tongue while he finger fucks me.

He shakes his head. “Not yet.”

“Ethan.” It’s whiny and embarrassing.

His eyes lift from where his fingers slide in and out. He leans in until his mouth is a few inches from mine. He tightens his grip on the back of my neck so I can’t crane to reach him. “Such a greedy girl. Aren’t you already getting what you want?”

“Almost.” It’s hard to concentrate on any one thing with the way he’s touching me, how intense his eyes are, and how close, but out of reach, his mouth is. I feel lost in the ocean of blue, in the burst of amber, a late summer sunrise cresting his iris.

“Almost? This isn’t enough for you? I was trying to be good tonight, take you out, make you feel special, appreciated. I’m trying to date you here, Lilah, and then you have to pull this no-panties trick and shred my self-control.” His mouth is closer now, less than an inch away. “You like to do that, don’t you? To see how much you can push until I break.”

“Yes.” My admission is more moan than word.

The scent of his cologne fills my lungs. His fingers move faster, harder, more insistent inside me, until I’m on the precipice, teetering on the edge. And then I’m free-falling, nerve endings lit up, intense pleasure dominating, Ethan’s name a worship tumbling from my lips.

His eyes are dark, hot with need. He slips his fingers into my mouth and our gazes stay locked as I sweep my tongue along the length. His guttural groan sends another wave of desire through me, and I suck hard, then bite his fingers. He withdraws them, crushing his mouth to mine, biting my lip and then my tongue in punishment when I push past his.

I’ve never wanted like this. Never felt this level of desperation with anyone but him. Ethan hits the button on the glove compartment and fumbles around while I fight with the button on his pants.

He bangs his head on the roof when he folds back on his knees, tearing open a condom.

“Why do we need that?”

“Too much of a mess otherwise.”

I stop him before he can position it over the tip and roll it on. “Come in my mouth.”

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