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“Then please.”

I slide low and enter her on a slow stroke. This feeling, being with her, surrounded by her, enveloped by her—it’s fucking bliss. I keep my eyes on hers, watch the way her mouth drops open, relish the soft moan that passes as warm breath across my lips.

After a few seconds of stillness, in which we both adjust to newness fusing with familiarity, Lilah pulls my mouth back to hers and circles her hips. I move with her, reclaiming her body, more aware than I’ve ever been that she was mine first before anyone else.

Lilah’s moans turn into guttural pleas not to stop, to please, please, please, Ethan as I pump into her. And then she’s coming, eyes locked on mine, soul swimming to the surface as she shudders and clamps tight around me.

And I know now why I never found anyone else who compared to her, why she never let me go, because she’s meant to be mine just as I’m meant to be hers. She’s still pulsing around me when I come viciously, violently, kissing her hard, pushing as deep as I can, getting as far inside as her body will allow.

When the white-hot heat in my spine dissipates, I push up on one arm, taking in Lilah’s flushed cheeks and kiss-swollen lips. “You okay?”

She blinks and glances around, so I do the same, taking stock of our surroundings. We’re sprawled out on the stairs like a couple of drunk teenagers who couldn’t be bothered to make it to a bedroom or a flat surface.

Lilah laughs and I echo the sound.

I give her a wry smile. “Well, that sure as hell lacked finesse.”

“I haven’t come like that in forever, so don’t worry about finesse.”

Her legs slide off my hips, one of her heels tumbling down the stairs. I can’t believe they managed to stay on this entire time.

“I owe you foreplay.” I grab the banister and sit back on my knees, taking in the vision of woman before me. Her pale dress is pooled around her waist, soft, round breasts still heaving with panted breaths, legs spread wide, my cock still inside her.

“I’ll take that in a bed. After dinner.”

I run my hands up her bare thighs. “Are you inviting me to spend the night?”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I have to work in the morning, and I’m a little worried that if you stay, I won’t be allowed to sleep.”

“You think I’ll keep you up all night?”

She laughs and then groans when I graze the junction of her thighs with my thumbs. I slide them back and forth, along the slick skin, edging closer to her clit with each pass. I’m still keyed up. Going another round won’t be a problem. Relocating might be a good idea. But I’m too enthralled by the way she’s stretched around me, pretty clit all swollen.

I pull out until I can see the ridge at the head. I glance up to find her eyes trained on the same place. They flip to mine when I don’t move to either pull all the way out or push back in.

“Maybe you should show me your bedroom now, and we can do dinner later,” I suggest.

“That might be a good idea.”

I push back in, smiling at her gasp. “Wrap your legs around my waist, baby, and hold on.”

Lilah’s arms circle my neck as I grip two handfuls of ass and pick her up. I quickly adjust my pants so they don’t trip me on the way to her bed.

“Second door on your right,” Lilah says while kissing a path from my shoulder to my neck.

It’s a modest room, the bed only a double, the headboard one I recognize from her room as a teenager. The comforter is feminine, different from what she used to like when she was younger and a tomboy.

I shove the throw pillows out of the way and pull back the covers. “I hope you have some clean sheets. You’re gonna need to change these by the time we’re done.”

“Planning to get dirty on me, are you?” Lilah bites her lip through a smile of giddy anticipation.

“Fuck yes, I am.”

I climb up on the bed with Lilah still wrapped around me, moving us to the center. I push the pillows into a pile behind her and take a moment to pull her dress over her head so she’s naked. A bikini tan line frames her breasts and the triangle between her legs, the rest of her skin sun kissed.

I dip my head and capture a nipple, tonguing it. Lilah gasps and arches. Unhooking her legs from my hips, she spreads them as I sit back on my heels. “I know what you’re going to do.” Her grin is devious, tongue peeking out to wet her bottom lip.

“Do you, now?” I run my hand up the inside of her thighs, spreading them even wider.

She nods. Trailing a single finger down her stomach, she circles her clit and goes lower, until she skims the place where we’re connected.

“Why don’t you tell me, then?”

“You’re going to pull almost all the way out.”

I keep my hands on the inside of her thighs, holding her open as I shift my hips back until just the head is inside her. “Like this?”

“Exactly like that.”

“And then what am I going to do?”

“You’re gonna tease me, like you do.”

“Is that right?” I push in a couple of inches, eyes still fixed where we’re connected. “I used to love watching my cock disappear inside you.”

“I’m not sure that’s changed much.” Her eyes move over my body in a hot sweep, one that I can almost feel as if it were her hands.

This time when I pull out all the way, she bucks up, chasing what I’m taking away. I keep her spread wide, and she props herself on an elbow so we have the same view. I nudge at the opening with the tip, teasing like she expects me to. My cock is coated in both of us, and the next time I give her a couple of inches and pull out, the hand resting near her hip slides down and she pushes two fingers inside. Her eyes flutter closed, head falling back as her mouth drops open.

She pushes deeper until the remnants of our desperate fuck drips down her sex.

“Fucking Christ, Lilah.”

She laughs and then gasps as I move in closer, edging one knee against her inner thigh so I can free a hand. Turning it palm up, I ease a single finger in alongside hers, following the slow steady pump, curling my finger against hers so we can apply more pressure to that place inside that makes her gasp and arch.

“I want you to come like this, with both of us finger fucking you, and then I’m going to make you come with my mouth before I get inside you again.”

Lilah moans and her next finger curl is fast and hard. “God, I missed your dirty mouth.”

She withdraws her fingers, making room for more of mine while she circles her clit. Her movements grow less fluid and more aggressive as the edge of bliss closes in. Her elbow gives out and her back bows, her high-pitched moan the most delicious sound.

She’s barely over the crest of the orgasm as I adjust my position, stretching out on the bed, shouldering my way between her thighs. I brush her fingers away and latch on to her still-throbbing clit, sucking hard. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she chants on a scream.

I lick and suck, fuck her with my tongue, lost in the taste of her, the feel of her against my mouth, and the sound of her need, memories becoming a new present.

Her thighs try to close, body writhing under me as I draw the orgasm out, building it back up, pushing her higher and higher, until she’s crashing down again, fingers tight in my hair as she bucks against my mouth.

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