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“I can say the same to you, Sela,” I growl at her. “You turning yourself in isn’t fucking protecting me either. What do you think will happen to me if you get convicted of this? I’m not ready to live with that level of pain, baby.”

“It doesn’t matter,” she screams, beyond reason at this point, as she turns toward the back of the closet, intent on grabbing her pants, putting them on, and then going to the police to ruin both of us. “You can’t stop me.”

“It does too fucking matter,” I yell at her as I grab her from behind. But rather than pull her out of the closet, I push her two more steps until we’re flush against the dresser and I have her pinned so she can’t move.

She lets out a tiny gasp of outrage and starts to squirm to get away from me, but my hand circles around her stomach, dips into her panties, and I’m pushing a finger inside of her. “And I can stop you.”

“Stop it, Beck,” she grits out, and when her hand locks around my wrist, trying to pull me away, I have a slight moment of doubt.

But I push it far away from me.

“No,” I growl into her ear, and because she’s no match for my strength, I pull my finger out and sink it back in deep. Her insides flood with wetness even though she pulls at my arm to try to get me away.

“Beck,” she says pleadingly. “Let me go.”

“I am never letting you go,” I tell her, my voice harsh and husky with anger that she’d even think about doing this. “If I have to tie you to that bed and fuck sense into you, I’ll do it.”

I plunge my finger in and out of her a few more times, add another, and feel a measure of triumph when her grip loosens on my wrist and her hips rotate seeking more contact.

“This doesn’t change anything,” she seethes, and even though she’s practically fucking my fingers right now, I’m surprised by the venom in her voice.

“We’ll see about that,” I retort, pulling my hand free and rejoicing at her mewling sound of loss. But then she’s gasping as I spin her around, lift her up, and deposit her on top of the sturdy built-in dresser. My fingers go into her panties at her hips and I rip them down her legs, which are dangling over the edge. With my palm to her sweater-covered chest, I push on her hard until she falls back against the wall, and then I’m spreading her legs open.

Bending over, I put my mouth between her legs and I eat my fucking pussy like a man on a mission. Sela’s hands fly to my head, grip it tight, and she pushes my face against her harder. She knows it’s my pussy, but she’s also reminding me that my lips and tongue are hers.

I hit it hard, letting one hand drop to my belt, where I manage to work it free of the buckle through the magic of multitasking. Sela moans and begs me, and when I sense her getting close, I let my tongue fly against her clit.

“Beck,” she gasps, and I have to stop myself from smiling at how easy it was to get her turned around from this ludicrous idea of leaving.

I tongue her harder.

“Beck,” she moans again. “Make me come and then fuck me.”

I pull back briefly and mutter against her wet lips, “I will.”

“Good,” she says, pressing me down harder against her. “Because after…I’m going to the cops and you can’t stop me.”

Son of a fucking bitch.

I rear back from her, leaving her hanging high and dry on that massive orgasm that I know was moments away. I swipe the back of my hand across my mouth, and even though her face is flushed with pleasure and I know she’d drop to her knees and beg me to finish her off right now, I also see the fire of resolve in her eyes.

“Yeah, that won’t fucking do,” I snap at her, enraged she’s still even thinking that, but also hard and horny as hell, and more determined than she ever will be.

I use both hands to quickly unbutton my slacks and push them down my hips along with my underwear. I take my aching cock in one hand and snake my other arm around her back, pulling her to the edge of the dresser. Her hands come to my shoulders and she spreads her legs wide for me, all indications that she wants to be fucked. And yet she looks me square in the eye and I know this argument isn’t over by a long shot.

The dresser is the perfect height, and with another pull on her body, I have her ass hanging halfway off but her pussy now pressed against my dick. I groan because just that tiny, wet, hot touch has me about crazy with lust for her. I bring both hands to the back of her hips and hold her steady as I slam deep into her, both of our eyes locked on each other in challenge-fueled passion. Her gaze burns bright with rebellion, and I’ll be damned if I want to listen to her further arguments while I’m fucking her.

I put a hand to her jaw, press lightly at the joints, and tell her, “Open that pretty mouth so I can kiss it.”

She gives me a gamine smile and does as I ask. I lean in slightly, tilting my head, but then my other hand snags the panties I had pulled off her moments ago and I shove them in.

Her eyes flare with surprise and heat before they narrow into a glare. I grin at her and kiss the corner of her mouth. “There…now I can fuck you without hearing your ridiculous words.”

This pisses her off and she shoves at my chest, trying to push me away from her. I merely get hold of her hips again and pump in and out of her a few times. I’m fascinated as I watch the struggle on her face not to show me how good that feels and to keep that malcontent look leveled at me. Her fingers come to my shoulders and she digs her nails down into me, not sure if that’s a sign of lust that she’s so turned on or a form of punishment, but fuck…it hurts.

So I pull her off the dresser, expecting her to wrap those legs around my hips for leverage, but she starts to scramble off my cock and that just won’t do. No way I’m not fucking this pussy now that I’m sunk in deep.

I spin forty-five degrees and push her right into the line of suits I have hung up on a bar that sits high enough that her head clears it easily. I push her into them hard, some of them falling from hangers, and some hangers falling from the bar to rain down around us. I push her all the way back with my suit coats at her back until she’s pinned against that side of the closet, and I ram into her hard, holding her in place and grinding against her. She moans, her eyes fluttering in the back of her head, and finally…those beautiful legs come around my waist to hang on.

And she needs to hang on.

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