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Trevor didn’t pause at all in his licking, tongue thrusting and the soft smooches. He just drove Edgard out of his fucking mind with the erotic way his mouth worked him.

Chassie gasped and emitted a series of breathy moans, her eyes locked on them as she masturbated herself to orgasm.

Then Trevor’s lips followed the crack of Edgard’s ass, up his spine, to his nape. Edgard loved the feel of Trevor’s full weight on him, pinning him down. Trevor pushed his erection between Edgard’s balls and rubbed their cocks together.

“You sure you don’t want me to fuck you?” Trevor murmured in his ear.

“Later. Grab the lube.”

Trevor lifted up, giving Edgard one hip slap before moving.

“You want me to use that crop on you, Trev?”

He laughed. “You’d have to wrestle me for it and we both know how that always turns out. Where are we doin’ this?”

When he turned around, holding the lube, Edgard was right there. “On the floor. I want rug burns on your knees so you remember who put them there.”

A dark look entered Trevor’s eyes. “Like I could ever forget, amigo. Who you are to me, what you do to me. Inside and out.”

“Sweet words won’t get you sweet lovin’, my man.” Edgard kissed him hard and snatched the lube. “Hands and knees.”

Trevor dropped to the carpet. Edgard heard Chassie move behind them. He squirted a generous amount of lube on his fingers and coated his cock. He reached out and smacked Trevor’s ass. “Tilt your hips up.”

“And you called me Mr. Bossy,” he said to Chassie, who’d perched on the edge of the coffee table, vibrator in hand, to watch.

Chassie snorted. “You love it when he’s like this.”

“So do you,” he pointed out.

Edgard added more lube to his fingers and smeared it around Trevor’s asshole. Pushing one finger inside, he rubbed the tip across Trevor’s prostate as his mouth worshiped Trevor’s strong back. He loved the way the muscles bunched and relaxed beneath his tongue and teeth. He loved that beneath Trevor’s musky scent, Edgard could still smell Chassie on his skin.

“How long you gonna tease me?” Trevor demanded.

“As long as I want.” More lube, another finger, and Edgard was about to burst out of his skin with the need to get inside that tight ass.

He poised his cock at the soft pucker and said, “I wanna hear you as I fuck you,” and rammed his cock deep on the first thrust.

Trevor groaned.

“That’s it.” His balls swung forward with every hard snap of his hips. Feeling the squeeze of that narrow passage as he withdrew completely. Circling the tip around that stretched opening and slamming in fully over and over.

Edgard curled his hands around Trevor’s shoulders to give himself leverage. He canted his hips, dragging his cock over Trevor’s prostate on every pass.

And his man loved it rough like this. He made masculine-sounding whimpers, but they were whimpers nonetheless.

Edgard looked down, watching his cock pounding into Trevor’s ass. And what an ass. Round, high and firm. The man filled out a pair of Wranglers and then some.

He tried to stave off his orgasm, because it felt so fucking good. He layered his chest to Trevor’s back. His pelvis pumping, his mouth grazing Trevor’s ear. “I can go another ten minutes if I slow down and have my hips do all the work.”

“No, goddamn you. I wanna hear you come. I want the satisfaction of knowing what I do to you.”

Edgard grinned and licked the shell of his ear. “I lied. I’ll be lucky if I last another ten seconds as I’m about to blow. Are you hard again?”

“Fuck yes. Every time you do that...” Trevor’s words were lost on a moan as Edgard did the twisting maneuver with his hips anyway.

A sheen of sweat covered them both. Edgard wanted to flip Trevor on his back, push his legs up by his ears and look into his gorgeous face as he pumped into him. But his orgasm was too close. His need too sharp this first time.

He pushed upright again and gripped Trevor’s waist, pulling his body back to meet every hard thrust. “Chass,” he panted. “Be ready.”

“You should see his face, Edgard,” she said softly. “So lost to what you’re doin’ to him.”

That tipped him over the edge.

Trevor’s channel clamped down on Edgard’s cock as he started to come. “Give it to me. Harder.”

He roared as he poured every bit of hot seed into Trevor until his balls were drained.

Shadows wavered in the sunlight, dancing across his face in a strobe-light effect, giving the moment a surreal, dreamlike quality. He had a temporary sense of panic that this wasn’t real. But the rhythmic clasp of Trevor’s ass around his cock, the heat and hardness of his lover’s body beneath him, and Chassie’s soft hand caressing his shoulder grounded him. Reminding him this wasn’t a dream. This was his life. Their life.

Edgard grabbed hold of Trevor’s hair and cranked his head around so he could take his mouth. “I love you,” he said between ferocious kisses. “So fucking much.”

“I know.” Trevor gave those ravenous kisses right back to him. “I need…”

Then Chassie was there, her chest against Trevor’s, her mouth working the cords straining in his throat. “I know what you need.” She slipped her hands between Edgard and Trevor’s bodies to where they were still joined. Pressing her thumbs into Edgard’s hips she pushed him back.

Edgard eased out of the tight heat slowly. Before Trevor could pin Chassie to the floor and plow into her like a madman, Edgard grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Hands and knees for you too, baby.”

She turned around and Trevor caged her small body beneath his, his hips pumping ferociously as he fucked her. He threw his head back and shouted, his body shuddering as he came.

As soon as Trevor’s body stilled, Edgard crawled in front of Chassie. He placed the vibrator directly on her clit. “Now come for me.” He swallowed her surprised gasp in a consuming kiss, and didn’t back off until she unraveled between them again.

They all three slumped to the floor in a sweaty, sticky, spent pile. After they’d caught their breath Chassie asked, “So how are we gonna spend the rest of the day?”

A few hours later, after exploring the outdoor area and another round of hot sex, they put on robes and returned to the kitchen to cook supper.

Trevor had gotten better over the years with cooking. He grilled a mean steak. While he manned the grill, Edgard fried potatoes and heated a frozen bag of corn.

“I feel useless,” Chassie complained.

“Then set the table. I think there are actual glass glasses in the cabinet.”

“How will we get through dinner with no plastic cartoon cups?”

After all the food was on the table, they looked at each other and grinned. “Well ain’t this fancy.”

“No ketchup or ranch dressing. And we don’t have to cut up anyone’s food.”

“Even our picky eater Sophia would’ve eaten this,” Trevor mused.

“The steak is cooked perfectly, Trev.”

He smirked at Edgard. “I know exactly how you like your meat.”

They snickered like twelve-year-old boys and Chassie rolled her eyes.

The silence as they ate was nice for a change, since mealtimes at home were always loud.

“I can’t remember the last time we had a meal in our robes,” Chassie said.

Trevor swallowed a mouthful of beer. “Maybe when you were tryin’ to get pregnant that first time and we were goin’ at it everywhere, all the time?”

“Yeah, probably not a good thing to tell Westin that he was conceived in the dining room.”

Edgard noticed Chassie had been picking at her corn more than eating it. “Something wrong, querida?”

“I’m happy to be here alone with you guys, but I’ll admit I do miss the kids.”

“So do we, sweetheart.” Trevor reached for her hand. “I know it’ll put your mind at ease to call them before bedtime to see how they’re doin’.”

She lifted his hand and kissed it. “Thank you. Now that that’s out of the way, what else do you have planned for tonight?”

Edgard wiped his mouth and set his napkin aside. “We brought a couple of movies—non-cartoon stuff we’ve been wanting to watch but don’t have time for.”

“Or we could play cribbage,” Trevor offered.

“Or we could just pile onto the couch and watch TV.”

“How would that be any different than a night at home?” Chassie asked.

“Max wouldn’t be running around yelling, ‘Mama, Mama watch me,’ while he’s throwing toys everywhere,” Trevor said dryly.

Edgard nodded. “And we wouldn’t be checking Westin’s homework, finishing laundry, working on scheduling goat milk transportation and cattle shipment times, while combing out Sophia’s hair and wrestling Max and Westin into the tub—”

“Okay, okay, I get it. Tonight will be more sedate,” Chassie said, standing and carrying her plate to the sink.

“Plus, we won’t have to share our popcorn with the little popcorn hogs.” Edgard hip-checked her away from the sink. “The movies are in the bag in the bedroom. Pick one while Trev and I finish the dishes.”

“You guys cooked and are cleaning up? I really am on vacation.”

Trevor snapped her ass with a dishtowel. “Keep it up, smarty-pants and you will feel that crop tonight.”

After stowing the leftovers in the fridge, Edgard filled the sink with water and washed while Trevor dried.

“There’s something I forgot to mention after all that bullshit happened with Westin at school. I ran into Colby earlier that day when I was picking up groceries. He asked if Westin was entered in the mutton bustin’ event at the 4-H fundraiser next weekend.”

Edgard looked at him. “What’d you say?”

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