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I’m met with the most amazing bra I’ve ever seen. Ever. It’s awesome. It’s red and white and frilly and mesh so I can see her nipples through the fabric. Her boobs are nestled in there, just waiting for my hands and mouth to be on them.

“I missed you, too,” I tell them as I press my face into her chest and taste her warm skin. Violet makes those fantastic sounds I love.

“I love this bra,” I say from between her boobs.

“I thought you might.”

I walk her backward until she hits the lockers. She pushes her chest out, gripping my hair. As much as I want to admire the way she looks in this bra, I want her naked more. I can take my time later this weekend, when I have a bed, the privacy of my condo, and unlimited hours in which to enjoy every inch of her body. I need to get inside her. Now.

The cup is a problem, and if I don’t get it off soon, I’ll end up with a sprained dick. I have no desire to be relegated to mouth and finger duty for the rest of the weekend. My cock will not stand for it. The cup is secured with snaps; I struggle with them while still trying to kiss Violet.

“Let me help.” Violet sinks to her knees, unclasps her bra, lets it drop to the floor, and moves my hands out of the way.

My dick kicks behind the cup, trying to get free. I wanna fuck. Bad.

Violet frees the snaps. “I was a Girl Scout,” she says as though her skills in cup removal require an explanation. She tilts her head to the right as she frees me to avoid getting hit in the face with my twitching, swinging, super hard erection.

She gives my cock a soft, slow stroke. “I missed you.” Leaning in, she nuzzles my dick against her cheek. Violet looks up and brushes her lips over the head.

“Fuck. Baby, don’t do that.”

“Why not?” She gives me another stroke.

“I appreciate the sentiment, but—”

She runs her tongue across the slit. I’m sweaty and disgusting, but if it tastes bad, she doesn’t let on. I think I love her. My cock jerks in her hand, and I hit my head against the lockers, the heavy thud echoing in the room.

If she puts her mouth on me, I’ll come. I can’t let that happen. Sex in the locker room is my number one fantasy. Well, maybe not my number one—that’s boob sex. Anywhere. This is a close second.

I haul her to her feet and drop to my knees. I unbutton her jeans and discover her panties match the bra: red mesh I can see through with the same white lacy ruffle.

“I know the gift card was for my boobs, but I didn’t want my beaver to feel left out.” She traces the lacy waistband with a fingertip.

“Totally understandable.”

I slide her jeans down her thighs, taking a moment to appreciate her soft skin. Running my hands up the back of her legs, I cup her ass with one hand and the back of her knee with the other. The motherland is right in front of my face. While I can’t wait to be inside, I’m well aware no matter how turned on she is, getting in there without a warm-up is inadvisable. Plus, I promised to eat her, and I keep my promises.

Hooking her leg over my shoulder, I kiss my way from her knee up the inside of her thigh, nipping a little on the way.

She tries to be quiet, but her hushed whimpers are my favorite sound in the world.

“Is this okay, baby?” I can tell it is. I still want her breathless, panted words. The ones that make me ache for the warmth of her body.

She exhales sharply as I place two small, wet kisses just above her pussy. “Please, Alex.”

I don’t need further invitation; I stroke her with my tongue. And then I do it again, and again. She writhes against my face, her eyes closed, biting her knuckle to keep from making too much noise. Her palm slams against the lockers as she comes on my mouth.

Her other hand is twined in my hair, yanking. It takes me a while to realize she’s trying to get me to come up for air. Her eyes bug out, and she swipes at my chin with her palm. “Oh, God. That’s . . . I’m so leaky.”

“I love the way you taste.” I’m egotistical enough to believe I’m the reason she gets so wet. I stroke myself a couple of times with my slick fingers, and then I grab her ass, pinning her against the lockers.

“Two weeks is too long to wait for this.”

“I know. I went through monster cock withdrawal.”

I lower her onto me and try not to think about how fucking fantastic it feels to be inside Violet again or how I plan to do a lot more of it over the next couple of days. I search for something else to focus on so I don’t come too fast. Stats usually work, but getting kicked out of the game makes it a bad place for my mind to go. I shift my hips back and thrust hard. Violet gasps, and her head thumps against the locker.

“Shit. Sorry.”

“For what?”

“Not too hard?”

She shakes her head. She kisses across my jaw to my ear and whispers, “Come on, Alex. Fuck me.”

That’s it. She can’t whisper things like that and expect me to be a gentleman. Although, considering we’re having sex in a locker room, gentlemanliness went out the window a while ago.

I pull out until only the head is still inside and then push back in, fast and deep. “Like this?”

I take her garbled response as an affirmative and do it again. Her head lolls back, hitting the locker with a metallic thump. I try to fight off the orgasm threatening to overtake me. It’s coming anyway, and I can’t stop it. Violet wraps her legs tighter around my waist, and her nails dig into my shoulders as I pound into her relentlessly.

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