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My competitive nature comes out, and I practically growl, “Get ready to be spanked, sweetheart.”

Her neck goes blotchy. “Nice try. That’s not on the table.”

“You don’t think so? I could put you over the table.” I wag my eyebrows suggestively.

Violet scoffs. “Check your ego, Captain.”

At the beginning, I go easy on her and let her believe she’ll win. It quickly becomes apparent Violet is far more adept at this game than I assumed. She scores two goals within the first two minutes, punctuating each one with a Take that!

“Best out of three.” I sneak the puck by her goalie and smile condescendingly.

“If you feel the need to be beaten twice.”

“You’re going down, baby.”

“If that’s what you wanted”—the puck ricochets against the side of the table and heads toward my goalie—“you should’ve put it on the table.”

She pokes the inside of her cheek with her tongue. The image of Violet’s lips wrapped around my cock, her warm, wet tongue swirling around the head diverts my attention from the game.

“Take that!” she yells.

I blink, confused. Damn! She scored again. She’s thrown my game with blow job references, making it impossible for me to recover the win. Violet prances around, fist pumping the air, boobs jiggling. Though I’m irritated she’s beaten me—unfairly—she’s still entertaining to watch.

“I. Am. Awesome!” She props a hand on her hip. “You obviously don’t want another date if you’re going to play like a girl.”

“Enjoy the high, baby. It won’t happen again.”

I up my game during round two. The harder I try, the harder she tries. She’s good. Better than good. I might even lose. She’ll have to go out with me again to drive my car, so I suppose I win either way.

“On your knees, motherpucker!” she shouts when she scores the winning goal. She grabs the puck and kisses it. Wearing a huge smile, she rubs it on her boobs.

I can’t believe she beat me. Again. Her cheeks are flushed and her breath comes in pants. Even I’m worked up.

“I want a rematch.” I take a step to the side, coming around the table.

“You’re a sore loser.” Violet moves in the opposite direction. “I won fair and square.”

“I still want to take you out again when I get home.” I take another step toward her and she takes one back.

“You didn’t win.” She shifts right, preparing to bolt.

I fake right and go left, mirroring her movement. I’m faster and more agile. She may have beaten me at air hockey, but she can’t outrun me. She shrieks when I grab her around the waist and pull her against me.

“I know.” My palm glides along her rib cage. “But you cheated.”

“I did not!”

“This dress is very distracting.” I skim her collarbone and follow the V of her bust line with my fingertip.

I dip my head down and press my lips to her neck. Sucking lightly, I kiss a trail from her jaw to her lips.

“I didn’t cheat.”

“Debatable.” My lips hover over hers. “I’d accept a victory kiss in lieu of a rematch.”

“I still get to drive your car.”

“If you’re good with stick, sure.”

“I’m great with stick.”

“I’m not talking about the one in my pants.”

Her outraged gasp turns into a sigh as our lips meet. Violet’s hands move up my arms and her fingernails bite into my shoulders.

Cupping her ass, I lift her onto the table, and then turn off the air. Her dress rides up her thighs as I step between them and she hitches a leg over my hip. I keep reminding myself not to have expectations for tonight. I don’t. What I expect and what I’d like are two very different things.

I hold her soft body against me, splaying my hand between her shoulders. “Tell me if I’m moving too fast.”

“You’re good,” she says, shoving her fingers into my hair.

I kiss a path to the neckline of her dress. Her heel digs into my ass as I bite her collarbone. Violet gasps. I push the fabric of her dress aside. Red satin and lace overlay never looked so good on a pair of perfectly delicious tits. I cup them and squeeze, deepening the line of cleavage so I can bury my face between them. “I love your boobs.”

“They love you back.”

I pull the satin and lace down until her rosy little nipple peeks out. I circle it with my finger, before I cover it with my mouth.

“Holy hell.” Violet’s fingers tighten in my hair, holding me hostage. “Why’s your mouth so magical?”

The question seems rhetorical, so I keep sucking and kissing and nibbling. Her legs tighten around my waist and she shifts her hips, moving against me, seeking her own relief.

I finger the tie at her waist. One tug and I’ll find out if she’s wearing panties to match her bra.

I seek permission to continue. “May I?”

“By all means.”

The bow comes loose, one side of her dress falling open. It’s not quite as momentous as I anticipated. There’s a second tie on the inside, preventing a full revelation.

“Did you pick the color for me?” I kiss my way to the neglected breast, rolling her nipple between my fingers.

“You like?” Violet pushes her chest out, her words a breathy moan.

“Oh, I like. Seriously, I can’t get enough.”

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