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“To get you out of your clothes? No.” He distracts me with his dimples. “Mostly I wanted an excuse to see you.”

“Oh. Well that’s . . . good.”

“I thought I was making it obvious.”

Alex does the thing guys do when they’re getting ready to make a move. His eyes drop to my mouth, and he leans in. Then he tucks a few errant strands of hair behind my ear. My hands seem to have a mind of their own. They move along his arms, feeling up his biceps.

I forget my inner turmoil and make it clear I’m okay with more contact by climbing into his lap. His calloused fingers curl around the nape of my neck, and our lips connect. I love his mouth.

His monster of an erection nestles between my legs, and dear Lord, does it ever feel awesome. It could bust a zipper it’s so huge. I imagine it with little fists, punching its way out, and giggle.

Alex bites my lip. “Are you laughing?”

“No.” I stifle a chuckle.

“No?” His lips travel up the side of my jaw, his soft beard tickling my skin. He grips my ass as he lifts his hips. He’s so hard. Everywhere.

“What’s so funny?”

I moan, all loud and desperate. I’m so horny; it’s not funny at all. I wrap around him koala style, pressing closer. Sneaking a hand between us I palm him through his pants, excited by the low, primal sound Alex makes. I drag the fly down, ready to slide a finger—or my whole hand—into the opening.

While I’m busy working my way into his boxers, Alex’s palm moves under my shirt. I’m so glad I ditched my bra.

I freeze at a sudden knock. Only Buck sounds as if he’s sledgehammering through the door. With reluctance, I break the kiss. “Go away. I’m watching TV naked!”

Alex opens his mouth to speak, his hand still on my boob. I shush him with a palm over his mouth.

“Bullshit!” Buck yells. “That’s weird even for you, Vi. Open the door. I forgot my wallet in your bathroom.”

“You need to hide!” I jump out of Alex’s lap and pull on his arm, but he doesn’t budge.

He frowns. “My car’s in the driveway.”

“Buck’s not observant enough to notice.”

To prove me wrong, from the other side of the door, Buck asks, “Whose car is parked behind your shitbox, anyway?”

Alex arches his split brow. Goddamn him and his sexy face.

“Shitballs! What are we going to do?” I whisper in panic.

“Don’t worry. I can handle it.” Alex stands, rearranges his trouser monster, zips his fly, and runs a hand through his hair. He’s totally calm.

“I need to cover these.” I motion to my rock hard nipples.

“Probably a good idea.” He caresses one through my shirt with his knuckle.

“Hey!” I bat his hand away, nab my hoodie from the arm of the couch and yank it on. Rushing to the door, I adjust my glasses and take a deep breath. I’m so screwed. Buck is going to find out I slept with Alex, and they’ll have a throw down in my living room. Furniture will be ruined. At least most of it is owned by my parents, not me.

I open the door wide; no point hiding the six-foot-two, two-hundred-and-twenty-pound hockey player standing behind me. I prop a hand on my hip and sneer. “Leave your cock ring behind?”

“Ha-ha. I don’t need that shit. My wallet’s in your bathroom. Did Charlene get a new car?” Buck looks past me, his expression changing from amusement to confusion. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, man. I didn’t get Kirk’s message until a few seconds ago. I thought I was supposed to pick you up.” Alex’s smile is easy. “I figured while I was here, I could ask Sidney about the kid he’s been scouting. Kill two birds.”

For a second, I worry Buck won’t buy it. Thankfully, he isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. “You mean the Evans kid? The one breaking all the records?”

Alex nods. “He’s golden. He’ll be drafted this year for sure.”

“For real. I think my dad’s going to see him play tomorrow night.”

“I’ll get your wallet,” I mutter since I’m not part of their conversation and head for the bathroom. My heart’s thundering with adrenaline after almost being caught by Buck. It’s also occurred to me that Alex is part of the group for which Buck called his bunnies.

The wallet sits on top of the toilet tank. To avoid direct contact, I use a tissue to handle it. I don’t want to touch anything residing in the proximity of Buck’s ass.

When I return to the living room the topic has changed significantly. Alex’s back is to me, and Buck is laughing. “This girl is pretty much up for anything, so I’m hoping her friends are, too.”

Neither of them has noticed me. I hold my breath, waiting for Alex’s response.

His laugh is hard, his tone cocky. “Gotta love the wild ones, eh? Especially when they come back for more.”

I want to vomit. We’ve been making out, and he’s discussing Buck’s “regulars.” I’m probably a stop on the way to the next bunny.

I hold up Buck’s wallet. “Forget anything else? Your biohazard suit?”

Alex spins around. I’m sure my expression tells him how much I’ve overheard. I can’t even look at him.

Buck smiles widely, expecting the insult. I wait for his not-so-witty retort, but he must have been waiting for a chance to use this one because he doesn’t even hesitate.

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