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He pushes up on his arms, his eyes are wild, chest heaving. “Do you want me to stop? Should I stop? Am I moving too fast?”

I shake my head and pull him back down by his tie. “Don’t stop kissing me.”

“Fucking hell, I’ve missed you so much.”

With an arm around my waist, Alex drags me up the stairs while keeping his mouth fused to mine. The coordination to do this is astounding. I keep bumping my elbows on the stairs along the way. The only reason my head is safe is because Alex is cupping the back of it. He pauses at the top of the landing, apparently unable to wait until we’re in the privacy and comfort of his bedroom.

His tie is tossed aside, followed by my shirt. Alex moves on to his shirt, flicking the buttons open. In the meantime, I struggle uselessly with the clasp of my bra, incapable of getting it open despite having done this every damn day for the past ten plus years.

My chest is in Alex’s face, so he slides two fingers into the front of my bra between my boobs. Then he yanks, hard. One strap ricochets off the railing.

“What the hell?” I ask because, well, what the hell? This is a brand new bra.

“I’ll buy you another one. I wanted it off.” His mouth descends over one glass-cuttingly hard nipple, and his palm covers the free one.

He groans, and squeezes, and gropes, and sucks, and groans some more. I throw my head back and bang it on the railing when he uses his teeth.

Alex looks up. “You okay?”

I moan in response.

“God, you’re sexy,” he says around my nipple, hard-pressed to give up making out with it, I suppose.

“You know what’s sexy?” My voice comes out raspy and low. I’m working on sounding sexified, not like I have emphysema.


“You, half-naked.”

“You think?” He stands and pulls me up with him.

“You know what’s even sexier?” I ask as he picks me up and carries me down the hall.

“You naked?”

“No. You naked.”

As soon as he sets me down on the bed, I frantically unbuckle his belt and yank his pants off.

The monster cock springs free, nearly taking out my eye. I sigh as I touch the hot skin. “I missed you so much.”

“Are you talking to me or my dick?” He looks mildly offended but mostly entertained.

“Both.” I lift my gaze. “But mostly you above the waist.”

Cocky smile aside, his relief is obvious. He traces the curve of my bottom lip. “I should hope so.”

I slide my hand up his chest, hook my palm around the back of his neck, and crane to reach his lips. “I missed every part of you.”

Alex’s body is suddenly pressed flush against me, his lips on my neck. I turn my head to give him better access and am distracted by one of his jerseys hanging on the footboard. I shouldn’t notice things like this while Alex and I are busy getting our freak on, but it’s red.

“You won the Stanley Cup tonight,” I murmur.

“Mmm, we did,” Alex says. He doesn’t take credit for the win. He’s such a team player.

“You scored the winning goal.” I run my hands over his shoulders and down his back, as I circle my hips. My damn pants need to come off.

“Does that make you hot?” His eyes light up in the most devilish way.

“Everything about you makes me hot. Watching you play makes me so wet I brought extra panties so I could change between innings,” I whisper-lie.

“They’re called periods in hockey. Innings are for baseball.” Alex sits back on his knees and pops the button on my pants.

I know that. I said it to see if he’s paying attention. Alex dips his fingers inside my panties, and I can no longer think straight. This means I start asking dumb questions. “Why do guys use sports metaphors for sex?”

He pauses, likely to see if I’m serious. “Because we can relate to them, I guess.”

Alex drops my pants off the edge of the bed and runs his rough hands up the outside of my thighs. He starts at my knee and kisses a path north. “I’m about to round third base.” He grins, closing in on the land of Beave.

I’m all out of snarky commentary. I grace him with a wanton sound as he dives between my legs.

His tongue glides along my slit. We both moan like crazy. Well, I moan, and Alex makes this tremendously sexy sound halfway between a growl and groan. He mumbles things I can’t understand, but the sensation it creates is unparalleled, so I’m not about to stop him to find out what I’m missing.

He sits back on his knees, lifting my hips so only my shoulders and my head rest on the bed. It gives me an incredible view of what he’s doing to me. He grazes my clit with his teeth at the same time as he rolls my nipples between his fingers.

It’s at this moment I explode into orgasm. My entire body feels like it’s being sucked into a vortex of sensation. I have no idea what sounds I’m making, if any at all, because my whole world seems to have gone black.

Alex sets me gently on the mattress, his head no longer between my thighs. “Did I do good?” He hovers above me, his face an inch from mine, and I can feel the monster cock twitching on my stomach.


“Is that a yes?” He looks awfully pleased. I can’t blame him. If I'd made him momentarily black out, I’d be smirky, too.

I nod in lieu of a verbal response. The monster cock nestles in, getting reacquainted with my special parts. Alex runs the head of his cock back and forth over my clit a couple of times, probably so he can hear my porn-like soundtrack. Then he slides home.

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