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A group of guys buy us our next drink, and I hate that I'm immediately comparing them to Hudson. They don’t hold a candle to his tall, muscular frame, his cocky smile, or his intelligent wit. I can't think of anything I want to say to them...and the short one is way too grabby for my tastes.

“I have to pee!” I call out to Mel, who’s grinding with some tattooed guy on the dance floor. She gives me a wave and a nod, quietly dismissing me. She’ll be getting lucky tonight. That makes one of us, I think, as I make my way through the crowd and toward the back hallway where the restrooms are located. Of course there’s a line.

I stop beside the cinder block wall, my feet aching. There are about a dozen girls ahead of me. It’s going to be awhile. As I wait, my mind wanders to Hudson. His strong, fit physique, his spicy scent … the way my heart pounded when he offered to help me.

Stop it, Gracie. I can't let my brain keep spinning on and on about Hudson. I’m out tonight to have fun.

As I try to clear my head, I count the girls still in line … ugh. Seven more to go. Wanting to focus on anything other than my aching feet, I let my mind wander to my brother and his new girlfriend, Emery. I’m so happy that he’s found someone. Emery and I are close in age, and I can’t help but compare myself to her. Of course she’s gorgeous, headstrong, and fun, but she also landed a great job immediately upon graduating. It took me six long months of applying, interviewing, and getting rejected before Peterson offered me a position. Emery's no slouch in the boyfriend department either. Even though she claimed she wasn’t looking, it took her, what, all of six weeks living in LA to land a boyfriend who’s crazy about her. And it’s saying something that the man is Hayden. Other than his college girlfriend, which is ancient history, I’ve never seen him in a committed relationship.

I guess I have one half of the equation. At least I have a great job. And maybe if I said yes to Hudson … I’d be one step closer to moving forward with my romantic life, too. I roll my eyes at myself. Yeah, I doubt that a pity fuck from my brother’s friend counts. But beggars can’t be choosers, right?

The skin on the back of my neck prickles. I can feel someone watching me. I spin around and am stunned to see Hudson standing right in front of me, his dark, hungry eyes on mine. How is he here, at the same club on the same night? Kismet, maybe?

“What are you doing here?” I blurt.

He raises one dark brow, still studying me intently. “The better question is, what are you?”

“Melanie and I …” I start, before realizing he didn’t answer my question, I'm not sure what I'm about to say, and I don’t owe him an explanation anyway. I snap my mouth closed, staring at him. Hudson looks incredible. I can’t believe it was just last night that we sat huddled on my couch looking at those online profiles. He’s dressed in a navy button-down shirt with the sleeves pushed up his muscular forearms and a pair of dark wash jeans. I can smell the traces of his rich cologne. Crisp notes of pine, along with something sultry and dark that I can’t put my finger on. I want to lean in closer and inhale against his neck, feel the brush of his stubble along my cheek.

Hudson clears his throat, pulling me from my little fantasy. “Did you have a chance to think about my offer?”

“I still don’t understand,” I admit. “Why are you doing this?”

“What’s there to understand?” He leans closer and I can smell a trace of whiskey on his breath. “My hard cock, your tight little virgin cunt.  It’ll be fun.” He winks at me, his full lips tugging up in a smirk. The prick.

For a second I think he’s teasing me, just like he did when we were kids. But then I recognize the telltale edge to his voice. He wants me. Even if he doesn't return my feelings, he really does want me. Suddenly I feel powerful and desirable in a way I haven’t before.

“Kiss me first,” I say. “To see if we have chemistry.”

He brings his mouth close...then stops, his lips resting mere inches from mine. “You’re going to be the end of me, you know that right?” he whispers. Before I can answer, his teeth graze my lower lip, and then he sucks it into his mouth, nibbling lightly. It’s so unexpectedly sexy that I groan into his mouth and clutch his shirt in my fingers. Sweeping his tongue against mine, Hudson takes control of the kiss. It’s hot and powerful and way different than I’ve ever been kissed before. My inner muscles clench deliciously and I groan again when suddenly he pulls away.

“How’s that for chemistry? Did I pass your test?” His tone drops from smugness into something deeper, something primal that tugs between my legs. “Are your little white panties soaked right now?”

The prick is absolutely correct. And I don’t even try to deny it. I want to feel his lips on mine again. And again.

“My cock has been rock hard all fucking day. Ever since last night …” he groans. “It’s all I can think about.” He dips his head again, inhaling against the side of my neck and making a small growl of frustration. The revelation is mind-blowing. Hearing Hudson admit what I do to him—hearing how much power I have over him—is nothing short of staggering. Confidence and arousal rush through me. Little ol’ me, with one of LA's most desirable men dying to touch me. I almost can't believe it...but my body sure does, and it wants to answer his call.

“This wouldn’t be just sex, Gracie,” he says next, totally surprising me. My heart surges. Does he mean...?

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