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It felt like I lost the one person who really cared. And though I tried to move on, I still found myself getting jealous of the girls he fucked one after the other. Even on the days when I hated him, I wished that he would see me as a woman, not some annoying little kid. I couldn’t help my teenage fantasies: Hudson pressing me into my bed, a cocky smile on those full lips as he drove into me with deep, powerful thrusts.

“Now that you’ve landed your dream job, what’s next?” my brother asks, pulling me back into the present. He's grinning at me and I can practically feel the pride radiating from him. It makes me sit up a little taller in my seat.

It took me a few months to find my perfect job after I graduated from college last spring. Now I finally feel like I'm on the right path—and it's inspired some changes in my personal life, too.

“Funny you should ask.” I place my elbows on the table, leaning forward like I’m about to let them in on a big secret. And maybe I am. “I’ve signed up on one of those online dating sites. I figure it’s time to take life by the balls.” I hiccup. “Excuse me. And now that I’m on the career path I’ve always dreamed of, my next step is to land a great guy, too.” I've never really dated before, and I'm more than ready to get out there and start meeting people. More importantly, it's high time I lose my virginity. I've begun to feel like it’s hanging over my head, following me around like a black cloud.

Well, that ends now. Because as pathetic as it was to graduate from high school still a virgin, lusting after something I could never have, it's ten thousand times worse to graduate from college still in the same stupid predicament. The main reason I’m still a virgin is because I held out hope for Hudson being my first, but I know it'll never happen. I need to finally let that dream die. This is the year that Gracie Oliver grows up. I’m nervous about it, but excited, too—it’s just another way I’m taking charge of my life.

My brother’s face falls, a deep line appearing between his brows. I look over to Hudson to back me up. But he growls out an expletive and his expression looks like I’ve just kicked his puppy.

Geez. What the fuck?

“For all those brains you have, that’s a terrible fucking idea,” Hayden groans. “You could meet a psycho serial killer, get dismembered and left in some dude’s basement.”

I glare at my idiot brother. “Women join online dating sites every day. It’s not that risky, Hayden.”

My gaze cuts over to Hudson again to see what his argument might be. He’s tight-lipped and quiet, the clench of his ticking jaw his only movement.

“I just think you should concentrate on your career, Gracie. I don’t want you to lose focus. I don’t think dating is the best idea right now.”

His tone is full of genuine concern, but I don't have the patience for his overprotective bullshit right now. Wasn't he just gushing about how proud he was of me for landing a job? I can pay my own rent, but not find my own boyfriend? “Hayden, you’ve never thought dating was a good idea,” I snap. “That’s why I’m a pathetic twenty-two-year-old virgin who’s only just moved out of Mom and Dad’s. It’s time I grow up.”

“That doesn't mean running out and doing something stupid.”

Okay, fuck this. I'm not going to sit here and let him talk down to me like a little kid. Knowing that I’m fighting a losing battle, I slap down some money on the table and stand up, shaking with anger in my heels. “Goodnight,” I mutter, grabbing my purse and storming from the table.

I exit the club and stop on the sidewalk. I consider taking a cab, then decide that a brisk walk home is exactly what I need to clear my head instead. Besides, my apartment isn't so far.

I tip my head back and look straight up at the darkening sky. God, the two of them together are the most macho, bull-headed assholes. Hayden takes the big-brother thing to the extreme, he always has. And Hudson used to be sweet, but these last few years, he’s turned into a monster prick. He all but ignores me, and then when I suggest dating, he freaks out just as bad as Hayden.

Well, I'm not going to let them stop me. It’s time I kicked off my white cotton briefs and had some fun.

“Gracie, wait,” Hudson calls from somewhere behind me.

I turn around and stare into the most beautiful honey-colored eyes I’ve ever seen.

Chapter Two


Gracie stomps out, heels clacking and chestnut hair swishing. Her face is cute even when it's set in a stubborn scowl. But I suspect she wouldn't appreciate that comment right now.

Maybe I should have stepped in. What could I say, though? As she argued with Hayden, it was all I could do to keep my cool. Just the idea of some random Craigslist schlub pawing at her...she hasn't even picked a guy yet, and I already want to punch him.

I shouldn't let my hormones take control like this. I thought I buried my feelings for Gracie a long time ago. We've known each other since we were both kids. When I became a man—and I realized she was becoming a woman—I did my best to shut things down. The only crime worse than messing with your best friend's lover is messing with his sister.

But I guess I haven't moved on as well as I thought. My blood is still boiling at the thought of Gracie in another man's arms. Even if he isn't the least bit dangerous, even if he treats her like the princess she is...fuck no. Unacceptable.

I try to convince myself that I'm just protecting her. Just being a good big brother, like Hayden. He's flipping out about this too, right? I can be worried without it getting weird.

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