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My whole body tenses up, breaking out in a cold sweat. My brother and Emery have just entered the shop. And when I glance over, Hayden’s eyes lock with mine.

“Gracie?” With a lopsided smile, he starts to come closer, apparently forgetting about the line.

I'm in a full-on panic. There’s no way to explain my being here with Hudson. He and I are not friends—we do not grab ice cream together. And since I’m rocking the world's most obvious case of just-fucked hair, I’m pretty sure I’m busted. My heart slams against my ribs as I glance over to Hudson, praying that he'll step in and say just the right thing to rescue me.

Except he’s not there.  He’s gone..

One second he was standing right beside me, providing a running commentary on his favorite flavor combinations. The next second, he’s gone. Poof. Vanished.

“What are you doing here?” my brother asks, pulling me into a one-armed hug. Sebastian’s is a good hike from my place, but it's right down the street from Hudson’s. I hope to God he doesn’t connect the dots.

I shrug, trying to act casual when inside I feel anything but. Where the hell did Hudson go? Why'd he have to leave me to handle this myself? “I was in the mood for some ice cream.” And some dick, I mentally add.

“Cool. You can join us. We just finished dinner.” He gestures toward Emery, who’s dutifully waiting in line. Must be nice to have a partner who sticks around to save your spot...and your ass.

“No, that’s okay. I’m going to get going and leave you two to finish your date without a third wheel.” He hasn't asked about Hudson yet, so he must have escaped before my brother could see him. Now I just have to make a break for it myself.

Hayden studies me quietly for a moment. “Are you okay? You look a little flushed.” He raises a hand to my forehead, but I quickly brush him away.

“I’m fine. Excuse me,” I say, noticing that I’m next in line and the cashier is looking more than a little annoyed. I order the first thing my eye lands on—one scoop of cherry bliss—and take my cup to go, waving at Emery and Hayden as I speed-walk outside.

The sidewalk is empty and I’m seriously not sure what happened to Hudson. Maybe he freaked out and went home. A pang of hurt ripples through me; I'm already starting to regret what I've done. Spooning a mouthful of ice cream into my mouth, I comfort myself with fat and sugar as I begin walking toward home.

Strong hands reach out and grab me, pushing me back against the brick building. I stiffen in shock and my mouth drops open to protest...only to be covered by firm lips kissing me in earnest. Hudson.

“Mmm, you taste like cherries.” His tongue strokes mine, deepening the kiss as I groan against him. I want to yell at him for disappearing, but his warm mouth is on mine, his tongue coaxing mine to play. Besides, his disappearing act is the only reason we didn’t get caught.

“My brother’s right inside.” I tip my head toward the front door, which is less than ten feet away.

Hudson grinds his erection against my hip and my insides go molten. I’m wondering if he’s going to invite me back to his place for a second round when he suddenly pulls away. “Then we better get you in a cab. You have to work tomorrow.”

I’m about to argue that he does too. But his expression is serious rather than playful, so I simply nod. This isn’t a fluffy romantic movie. He isn’t going to suddenly declare his love for me and storm inside to ask my brother for his blessing. He got what he wanted—we fucked like rabbits earlier—and now he’s ready to head home. Alone.

Moments later, I’m sitting in the back of a cab with a melting cup of ice cream, wondering what in the actual fuck I’m going to do when Hudson’s done with me.

Chapter Eight


I’d nearly forgotten about my basketball game with Hayden today. We always go to the gym after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but Gracie has crowded everything else out of my mind. At least, that's my excuse for why Hayden handed me my ass today. Not that I can tell him so.

“Dude, where did your game go to die?” Hayden laughs as we get changed in the locker room after. He's been nice enough to remind me—several times—about how many matches I just lost. “What's with you lately?”

“Right now, it's the fact that you won't put your fucking pants on,” I reply. While I got dressed right away, he dawdled after his shower to keep making fun of me. There's several other men ambling around the locker room in their towels¸ but Hayden is the only one who's hovering near my bench seat, and I'd rather not deal with his crotch in my face anymore.

His kid sister, on the other hand... My mind conjures the image of Gracie wrapped in a towel, cheeks flushed from the hot water and hair clinging to her bare shoulders in dark tendrils. Just one flimsy layer of cloth separating me from her lithe body. I'd wrap my arms around her hips to pull her close, squeezing her firm, round ass, and the towel would slither to the floor. Then I'd work my tongue into her sweet...

I slam the brakes on that train of thought. A gym locker room is the absolute last place I want to get a boner. But making myself stop thinking about Gracie is easier said than done. In just a few days, she's worked her way under my skin.

“Seriously, man. I've hardly heard from you since we had drinks with Gracie last Friday. You bailed on that new club we were going to check out. Yesterday, I emailed you about Windsor Heights and you replied about Washington Gardens.” He gives me a sly look. “You find a new booty call or something?”

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