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It’s crazy how normal this all feels. Sharing a meal and conversation with him feels natural and casual just like always, only now I know how good he is in bed. I almost giggle to myself. Almost. But then Hudson is sharing his plans for next year, which includes purchasing a commercial space downtown for his and Hayden’s new office, and he wants to get my perspective. I’m flattered and tell him of course I’ll help.

Somehow we’ve been sitting here talking for almost two hours, the leftover food on our plates cold and forgotten. But then his eyes darken, a slow smile smoldering on his lips, and the atmosphere instantly changes. Electricity sparks between us, leaving the air hot and charged in its wake.

In a low, husky tone, Hudson asks, “Did you get enough to eat?”

A warm shiver races through me, knowing that the evening is about to take a turn. “Yes, thank you,” I reply with a nod. I never knew he was such a great cook. Just another thing on the long list of things I admire about him. Melanie’s warning about not falling for him flashes through my mind. I’m about to make some excuse, tell him I have to leave, when he rises from the table and stalks toward me.

“I’ve been going crazy all day, remembering the way you looked naked in my bed …” He lifts me from my chair and my body immediately molds to his. Soft and pliable. His fingertips brush stray strands of hair back from my face.

“I can’t stop thinking about how your body felt clenched around mine. You were perfection,” he growls, bringing his mouth to my neck.

Forget a warm shiver—his words crack through me like a lightning strike, nearly splitting me in two. I’ve never felt so sexy or desired. It’s only Hudson that makes me feel this way. The feeling has become addictive already.

“Hudson,” I groan, lifting my lips to his. We kiss, passionately, like there’s a fire chasing us. Pressing my hips closer, I can feel every hard inch of his arousal. My panties are already soaked. “Should we go to your bedroom?” I pant, breaking my mouth from his after several hot minutes.

“Whatever you want,” he murmurs, nibbling my collarbone.

Whether he’s giving me an opening to leave, or just implying that we can have our adventure somewhere other than the bed, I’m not sure. I definitely want to do this. But I’m not sure if I’m bold enough yet to move onto kitchen-counter sex or living-room-with-the-lights-on sex.

“Yes,” is all I can say, but Hudson interprets it perfectly. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me down the hallway toward his bedroom.

When my feet touch the floor, he immediately goes to work on the button of my dress pants. “Get naked,” he whispers. His naughty voice commanding me in the darkness sends hot arousal zipping through my veins. I give my hips a wiggle as he pushes my pants and panties down over my butt.

“Sexy little thing,” Hudson whispers, treating me to a quick kiss on the lips.

I never knew sex would be fun. It might sound weird, but I always assumed there would be a lot to concentrate on, with inserting tab A into slot B and whatnot. I’m relieved to see it's nothing like that. It’s easy and natural.

I open my blouse, fumbling over the buttons as Hudson brings the back of his hand between my thighs and gently rubs his knuckles over my bare pussy. I press my thighs together as tingles shoot up my spine.

When I'm finally free of the shirt, Hudson unclasps my bra for me and his mouth lowers, taking one pert nipple into his mouth. The sensation makes me flinch it feels so good.

“Prettiest set of tits I’ve ever seen,” he murmurs, moving to my other breast while he holds the weight of them in his hands. “I should fuck these before we’re done. Would you like that, Gracie?”

A sobbing gasp gets stuck in my throat. Done. The word echoes in my head. I can’t let myself think about the end of my time with him, or I’ll start crying. Tears are already threatening to appear, even as good as his mouth and hands feel on me.

“On the bed,” he pants, breaking away from my nipple with a groan that sends goosebumps racing along my skin.

I sit down on the edge of the bed and scoot up toward the pillows. Then I watch, barely breathing, as Hudson treats me to an erotic strip show. He pulls his T-shirt off over his head that way guys do before dropping it to the floor, all of the hard muscles in his stomach and chest flexing as he moves. His deft fingers move to the button on his jeans, and then they’re sliding down his powerful thighs along with his boxers. He is beautiful like this. He’s hard edges and muscle, but this is him opening himself up to me, taking a risk, and making a huge jump with me off to crazy-horny town.

I reach out toward him and he joins me on the bed, his mouth moving to my breasts again while my right hand ventures down until I find the weight of his cock. I push my hand up and down just like he showed me, loving the heat of him and the little grunts he makes.

“Shit, Gracie, where did you learn to jack my cock like that?” He smirks at me.

“You.” I grin right back at him.

Chuckling darkly, he moves down on the bed until he’s eye-level with my navel. I inhale sharply when he kisses my belly. Then he moves lower and I forget how to breathe.

“I’m going to fuck this tight pussy until you beg me to stop,” he pants, his teeth grazing my inner thigh.

His mouth closes over my clit and I cry out. His large hands hold my thighs open nice and wide and I take every bit of pleasure he doles out. His tongue moves in an expert pattern designed to bring me more pleasure than I could have dreamed possible. Then he pushes two fingers inside me and I groan, flinching as my back arches off the bed.

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