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“Sure they do. It shows them how much you want them.” Any idiot who's too insecure to let a hot girl undress him isn't a guy Gracie should bother with. And giving her control over this part of the process should help boost her confidence.

She only hesitates for a second, then stands on tiptoe to pull my shirt over my head. Then she unbuttons and unzips my jeans and lets them fall. Her eyes widen with amazement. She wasn't the only one who skipped a critical piece of underwear today.

“Jesus,” she exclaims, “how is this thing supposed to fit inside me?”

“You'll stretch. And I'll go as slow as you want.” Even if it's sheer torture. “Gracie...” I almost groan when she pets the head, curious about the slickness that has beaded there. “You want to learn how to jerk me off, baby?” The pet name slips out of nowhere.

This time her mouth drops further open. Like everything else, it's a good look for her. “W-what? I was just...” she stammers. Then her desire and boldness reassert themselves, and she nods with a resolute pout. “Sure. Teach me.”

I arrange her fingers to grip my shaft. Her delicate hand looks almost obscene on the thick, reddened flesh. Closing my hand around hers, I move it up and down to show her the best way to pump without tiring her arm. It feels fucking incredible and her tits bounce lightly with each stroke. Remembering I’m supposed to be actually imparting some wisdom, not just getting my cock jacked, I take a deep breath and try to cool down. “See that little bridge of skin there, right under the head?” I point out. “It's called the frenulum. That and the tip are the most sensitive places.”

Without any prompting, she adds a little flick to her motion that rubs over the spot with every stroke, sending sparks of heat straight through me. Fuuuck. Tension quickly starts building in my groin. Soon I have to grip her wrist to stop her.

“Let's leave the rest for next time,” I say, a little unsteadily. It's good to let her practice, but if she keeps touching me like that, I'll have to take a break before the main event. And I don't want to make her wait a single second longer. She clearly has the handjob basics down anyway.

She blinks and then gives me a cheeky grin. “Next time...okay. You're the professor here.” She sounds like she's looking forward to it as much as I am.

I take a condom packet from my bedside drawer, tear it open, and hold it up. “I'm sure you know what this is. The side with the lube on it and the reservoir tip sticking out is the side that goes outward. Now...” Holding out the condom, I let my voice drop a little lower. “I want to see you put it on me.”

Cheeks crimson, she accepts the condom, looking back and forth between my face and my rock-hard cock. Finally she gets down on her knees. My cock twitches at the sight, at the thought of her sweet pink mouth on me.

Concentrating with a cute crease between her brows, she rolls the condom on correctly and I bend down to reward her with a quick kiss. “You're a natural. Lie down on the bed when you're ready.”

I chuckle when she immediately jumps up. I was worried about her being a nervous virgin and psyching herself out of a good experience, but hardly any of her earlier shyness is left. Am I that good or is she just that horny? I decide I don't care. All that matters right now is giving her the time of her life.

I follow her onto the bed and prompt her let her legs fall open. She parts her knees, showing herself to me. Kneeling before her, I take a moment to inspect her pussy with care. She’s shaved bare, and I part her plump lips and using the pad of my thumb, stroke her clit in little circles. A helpless whimper rises in her throat.

“You’re nice and wet for me,” I say, my voice coming out too hoarse. “And very pretty down here.” She really is. Soft bubblegum pink dewy folds, a little swollen clit I want to suck on, and a tiny opening I can’t wait to fit myself inside of. Jesus. Is this really about to happen?

Pushing one finger inside her slowly, Gracie goes quiet and still. Her wide eyes are locked on mine as I draw my finger slowly in and out. She’s so tight and hot that her pussy sucks at my finger, greedily drawing me in up to my last knuckle. My cock twitches in jealously.

“Okay so far?” I breathe.

“Yeah,” she whispers.

My finger is slick with her wet heat and I can’t stop watching the way her tight opening looks taking me, parting for me. The scent of her – sweet feminine arousal – is almost too much for me to handle. I want to bury my face in her cunt and eat her for hours. But something tells me I should mind my manners and get on with the lesson instead of indulging in my own fantasies.

Deciding it’s time to get on with the show, I bring her legs up to rest around my waist. As I press a deep kiss to her mouth, I guide myself toward her core. When my cock nestles right up against her hot folds, I stop. “Are you sure?” I ask, giving her one last chance to change her mind.

“Very,” Gracie says, sliding her wet pussy over me as we continue to kiss, our mouths unable to stay apart for long.

As clouded as my brain is by arousal, I try to focus in on everything. The way her breathing hitches when I push forward the tiniest bit. The pulse I can feel rioting in her throat when I press my mouth there. The way her tight channel grips me as I rock forward again—deeper this time.

Gracie groans, her discomfort mixed with pleasure. I slow down, kissing her deeply as I let her body adjust to the brand new invasion.

Even slick and soft with arousal, she's still tight as hell. I slip in millimeter by millimeter, stopping whenever she stiffens or squeaks. When I feel her begin to relax and accept me, I thrust further in and bite back a groan. No one has ever felt this good before. Our moans mix in the pheromone-heavy air and our heartbeats slam together.

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