Misguided Angel Page 47

Mimi smiled. She would have her love. Then she would have her revenge.


Hunter and Hunted (Deming)

Paul Rayburn was dead. He had exacted his vengeance on his mother's killers, but Deming had brought him to justice. She had done what she had set out to do. She felt the pain of his death in her blood and in her soul, but her determination was resolute. She faced the twin Venators sitting opposite from her. "He said there are others like him in the world. We must find them."

Sam Lennox nodded. "Where will you begin your hunt?"

"I went through his file. His passport was filled with stamps from the Middle East. That's where I'll start," she said. The Nephilim did not cycle through reincarnations. Their demon provenance made them Enmortal.

"Are you with me?" she asked the brothers.

"It beats staying around here waiting for Jack Force to show up." Ted shrugged. "I'll talk to the Regent, have another team assigned to that case."

"Good. My sister will join us once we arrive." She smiled. "You'll like her. She's just like me."

"Oh great," Sam said, exchanging a meaningful look with his brother. "There's two of them."

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