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"Pace," I groan.

I feel him begin to harden beneath me and a surprised gasp leaves my throat. "Again?" I ask, unable to hide my shock that he can be hard again so quickly.

He shrugs. "I'm twenty-five, babe. I can come two or three times before I need a break." His smile is cocky and sure, but I guess it's not cocky if it's true.

Dear God, this information wreaks havoc on my libido. Any man who has that type of control over his body is just freaking sexy.

He pushes his hips up and grinds his erect cock into me. "Are you wet for me?" he asks, his tone direct.

My inner muscles clench in excitement. "Y-yes," I stammer. I'm unsure why but he's turned me into a complete wanton mess.

"Can I make love to you right here on the couch?" he asks.

My eyes dart to the bedroom door. Max never wakes once he's down for the night. My gaze returns to Pace's and his navy eyes burn hotly on mine. "Yes," I say.

He pulls my shirt off over my head and his mouth lowers to my right breast, sucking my nipple into the hot cavern of his mouth and licking his tongue over it again and again. I toss my head back and groan, and Pace moves to the other breast, treating it to the same pleasure.

"Stand up, baby."

I rise off his lap and stand in front of him. Pace's jeans are still pushed down his hips and his heavy cock is resting against his belly. It is a beautiful sight. His fingers reach for the button on my jeans and once he undoes it and tugs down my zipper, I help him push my jeans and underwear down my hips. I step out of them, and then I'm back in his lap.

Pace grips his erection, his hand sliding up and down lazily over his shaft while my eyes grow wide watching him. I love watching him touch himself. The way he tugs on his thick cock, while his eyes are glazed over with lust is incredibly sexy. I feel like I'm being treated to a private erotic show.

"Lower yourself down on me," he says, keeping one hand on his base and the other at my hip.

I angle myself over the top of him and feel him nudge at my wet center. We both groan at the warm contact as our bodies come together. He thrusts his hips up at the same time that I push mine down, and I have to bite into my lower lip to keep from screaming out. He is large, but he fills me perfectly. I sink lower, rotating my hips to take him deep. Dear, God.

His eyes slide closed and his head falls back against the couch. "Fuck."

I love that I just made him lose control and come in my mouth not even five minutes ago and he's already overwhelmed with pleasure once again.

Gripping my hips in both hands, Pace thrusts up, stilling once he's fully buried inside me. His blue eyes find mine and his look is so tender and loving, it makes my heart ache. He can't look at me like that. I close my eyes, and begin to move, bouncing on his thick erection, up and down, so that with each stroke, he's massaging that pleasurable spot deep inside. I am so aroused, I know it's not going to take me long to come.

We move together, completely in sync, just like the last time, and while our mouths stay fused together in a deep, passionate kiss, our bodies work in tandem to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure we can derive. Sex has never felt so good. And I'm certain the difference is Pace. The depth of my feelings for him scare me, but there is no denying our connection. Watching him build a slow relationship with both me and my child has allowed us to connect on a deeper level, and that intense connection has obviously translated into the bedroom – or living room, as it were.

"That's it, baby." Pace's big hand curls around my hip, guiding my movements. "Ride it like you own it," he says, bringing his mouth to mine.

His words pull at something inside me. I know in that moment that I do own a piece of his heart and I put everything I have, everything I am into this moment, tightening my inner muscles around him and riding him with reckless abandon.


Kylie tightens her muscles around my cock and a strangled groan rises up my throat. Watching her move on top of me is incredibly erotic. In this moment she is free. Free from everything – all the worry and stress in her life – and I love that I not only get to share this moment with her, but that I am the one to take her there.

"Can you come again?" I ask her. Her first orgasm was explosive – she trembled in my arms and cried out my name again and again.

"I don't know," she says.

"It might take me a little while to get there," I admit.

A slow smile uncurls on her mouth. She likes this. Good.

I spend the next fifteen minutes teasing two more orgasms from her.  I hunt out all of her sensitive spots – her nipples and clit, obviously, but also discover the spot behind her knee and the dip in her throat that also make her squirm. I know I've pushed her to her limits when her eyes glaze over with exhaustion and her body is covered in a damp sheen of sweat. I pick up my pace, fucking her hard and fast, thrusting up into her tight warmth that fits me like a glove.

My balls tighten against my body just as I'm overcome with a powerful release. I bury my face against her throat and grip her ass in both hands as I release inside of her warm body.

After, she curls into me and I wrap my arms around her and just hold her to my chest, my softening cock still inside her. This moment means something. I know she can feel it just like I can, but I also know she has a bad habit of pushing me away.

I hold her close, loving the feel of her head against my chest. I kiss the top of her head and tell her how amazing that was. She makes a little noise of agreement, but doesn't move from the warm spot she's claimed. It's only when her breathing slows and her body goes completely lax in my arms that I realize she's fallen asleep. I chuckle to myself, rather enjoying the fact that I worked her over so completely she's passed out on top of me – with my cock still inside of her.

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