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“But how could she know Mario?”

He shrugged and said, “I asked, but she wouldn’t say. I got the feeling it was personal.”

“It’s impossible. How could she possibly know him?”

“I don’t know, but it isn’t for a lack of trying. My only guess is the PI she hired has been doing some major digging. The news article you said she read maybe prompted her to keep tabs on me.”

“She forbade me to see you,” I confessed. He didn’t look surprised, but given what he had just told me, it wasn’t expected.

Before he could respond, the sound of cars arriving pulled our attention away from each other. “We need to talk later.”

I stood up and crossed my arms over my chest. “I don’t see what else we have to talk about. I want nothing to do with you.”

“Tough,” he growled. “You once again managed to suck me back into your web. Deal.”

The first bell rang, and Keiran made his escape before I could muster up a big fuck you.

* * *

It took a moment for me to connect the day to the large amounts of heart shaped chocolates and flowers being exchanged throughout the day.

Valentine’s Day.

It was also Keiran’s nineteenth birthday.

For some reason, I felt guilty for not remembering, but it wasn’t as if we were on good terms. I owed nothing to him.

After dropping Willow off, I went home with a sore body and a heavy heart.

So much for romance.

Chapter Twenty-Eight


Immediately after school, I plotted and planned for the night. Once I had everything in place, I made my way over to her. There was a slim chance she would give me the time of day willingly, but I was prepared for that, too.

“What are you doing here?” she asked as soon as she opened the door with a bored expression. “I told you I didn’t want to see you.” I fought the smile that tugged at my lips. The rapidly beating pulse in her neck and the way she squeezed her thighs together told me she was feeling anything but indifferent to my presence.

“I’m here for the scenery,” I said, letting my eyes trail up and down her form. She wore those tiny pink shorts of hers with the stupid fucking teddy bears. I hated them because they made her long legs look so damn hot and those dancing teddy bears were mocking me. They got to be where I wanted to be… wrapped around her legs and digging deep.

“Why are you wearing a tie?”

The tie was Dash’s idea, and I took his word for it being the charmer he is.

“Shut up. You coming with me or not?” Why the fuck are you asking her? My demon on my shoulder snapped and hissed at me. I was tempted to drag her out of her house and lock her away where no one would ever find us like the caveman she always accused me of being.

“Not.” She moved to close the door, but I quickly kicked my foot out to stop it from shutting. “Move it or lose it,” she growled.

So cute. Her growl was nothing compared to my roar, and she knew it, but I couldn’t blame her for trying.

“Stop your shit, and go throw on a dress or whatever will give me easy access, and get your ass out here.”

I bit the inside of my cheek when she unexpectedly stomped her foot down on mine and then kicked me in the shin. “Fuck!” I jumped back and tried my best not to cry like a bitch. “Monroe—” I started forward to grab her but was cut off by the hard barrier placed in front of me.

Did she just slam the door in my face?

Game on.

I typed out a quick text and made myself comfortable against the railing on her front porch. I didn’t have to wait long. She flew out the same door she had slammed in my face moments ago and charged straight into my space.

Her chest heaved with her labored breaths as she murdered me with her eyes. “Where do you get off, Masters?” she growled.

Masters? Cute. So she wanted to be tough? I pushed my chest into hers and moved her back the few paces I needed to have her pinned against the door. “I haven’t but I plan to.”

“You come off any more like a pig and you might start to smell like one. Go—” My hand was around her throat before she could finish her statement. I quickly bit her lip, not caring about how rough I treated her. “Keiran…”

Her words trailed off when I tipped her head back to expose her neck to me. I spread hard nips all over her neck, being sure to leave a mark. “Keiran, stop,” she moaned and pulled me closer.

“No,” I growled against her neck. “I fucking missed you. I missed this. I missed tasting you.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” she whined with lust in her voice.

“Open the door, baby. Let me in, or I swear I’m going to fuck you hard right here for all the neighbors to see.”

“Oh, God.” The door opened quickly, and I had to anchor her to me to keep us from falling inside. I stole her lips in a kiss finally while I backed her through the door. I kicked the door shut and picked her up, carrying her through the hall and into the living room where I set her on her feet. It was as far as I needed to go for what I needed to do. “I’m not supposed to be doing this. I’m not supposed to give in to you.”

“You already have. Many times. What’s one more?”

“My life,” she whispered desperately while looking up at me.

“Not this time.” I sealed my vow with a kiss that threatened to steal my soul and hers. Fuck. What was she doing to me? I wasn’t supposed to care about hearts and minds and vows—much less admit I had either.

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